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Killer DNA

Overnight, Israel responded to another rocket attack by pounding sites associated with the Iranian Republican Guard in Syria. As the sun rose, things seemed to calm down a bit. But will that be the end of the matter? Probably not…

And we take a look at the recent arrest of a man in California, accused of infamous crimes committed decades ago. He was always a suspect, but his arrest did not happen until Police were able to access a commercial DNA database and match his profile to the crimes. It raises some questions about privacy and the future of the 4th Amendment.


Advanced Nukes


SEGMENT 1 – PDRK “Advanced Nuke”

North Korea claims to have both tested a “hydrogen” bomb and to have mounted it into a missile. Assuming (and yes, I know what that means), what do we do about it? The President will have to decide, but what would President Dave do?  There’s a couple of paths open to us, but neither are very promising. Both will leave millions of Koreans in harms way and lead to another ground war on the Korean Peninsula… Read the rest of this entry

Singh, Concordia! Singh!

On this classic Dave & John, in early April of 2013, there came news that a musical production based on two things, the sinking of the Costa Concordia and Gilligan’s Island, was in the works. But this would be no ordinary musical! Let’s celebrate the most horrible thing to befall sailing rich people since the TiTanic!

Meanwhile, AJ mockery and a caller who gets on John’s bad side lead to a discussion about a local School Board Member who doesn’t actually need to be in court. Plus a settlement in a 4th Amendment case has Dave’s teeth on edge.

All while we Singh, Concordia! Singh!

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