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Article 99

I have long said that I have a philosophical problem with the way we do policing in this nation. Every time that I say that people assume that I mean that I do not “support” Law enforcement, whatever that means. Obviously, I do not have an “I Support Law Enforcement” sticker on my truck or a “Blue Line” flag on my house. Neither do I have an “I Support the Troops” display. Do you believe for one second that I do not “support the troops?”

Your sticker or flag or your Punisher decal do not prove in any way that you “support” Law Enforcement at all.

Now, that said, I have long asked the question as to whether or not the use of police forces by governments in this country have essentially replaced the “Lobsterbacks” of 1773? The militarization of police Forces over the past twenty years simply lends gravitas to the question.

Then we come to Parkland, Florida, where a former Deputy who was fired after the School Shooting there has been arrested and charged with child neglect, culpable neglect and, for good measure, perjury. He is being held on a $104K bond and if released he must wear an ankle monitor.

The general feeling in the legal community is that these charges are problematic. Moreover, were he to be found guilty on the charges, it would open up an entirely new situation, one that I believe that LEO’s do not actually want, where Law Enforcement would, in fact, become “military” and as such become subject to the UCMJ. I guarantee that Police Unions everywhere are dead set against that and will fight this tooth and nail…


My Turn: Why Hillary Lost

Now that everybody has had their opportunity to tell you why Trump won and what it all means, allow me to share with you my theory on the whole matter.

good-luck-trollsBen has half-days all this week for Parent-Teacher conferences, so Cami and I decided yesterday to take him to see the new movie Trolls. For whatever it’s worth, it basically an hour an a half Glee episode based on Cinderella and glitter. So, that’s my review of the film. Afterwards, we took the long way home enjoying the afternoon sunshine and a latte macchiato while Ben played Pok√©mon Go in the back seat and Cami asked me a few pointed questions about what happened and why everybody is so uptight about the whole thing.

Instead of giving her one word answers, I started talking about it and in the middle of my answer on what I thought happened, I said something that just stuck with me. It was as if I had finally put into words what I have come to believe all along. Read the rest of this entry

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