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I swear that I am not making this up… the LA Times has an article this morning about how the 2020 Election will be so critical, that California is changing its Primary date (again) so as to be “relevant.”


So the fallout from last night begins. People are happy, people are sad. People are angry, people are morose. Why? Literally, what has changed since this time yesterday? The sun came up this morning, right? Stand by though, for the next two years we will build up to THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!!!!!

Meanwhile, the same questions get asked. from the Text Machine: “Dave, how come Jews don’t vote repulican [sic]? The GOP supports Israel and the demoncrats don’t.”

Okay… I’ll explain it again. This time I’ll even use news from yesterday to demonstrate my point…

The Flat-Earthers have a new theory to explain things… Trust me on this one… the OLD theory makes more sense…


Play The Man, Not The Ball


There is a reason why Soccer, or as the rest of the world labels it, futbol, has never really caught fire here in the States. Look, I follow EFL futbol (frankly, MLS isn’t even on the radar of acceptable soccer in the world). It’s not that the game is remarkably dull, with 0-0 (sorry, Nil-Nil) ties dominating the scores. It’s not. With a passion that rivals our love of the NFL, the fans live and die with each games sheet. Frankly, our corporate issue with the game is one of the tactics that gets used. Oddly enough, Americans use this tactic in politics every single day. In fact, “Play the Man, Not The Ball,” could very well be the motto of American Politics.

How so, you ask?

The annual “Article V convention” drum is being beaten again. As everybody pretty much believes that Nancy Pelosi will be the Speaker in January, those who believe that the only way to save the country is to reign in Congress are calling for their convention again. I get tired of it because (a) it’s not going to happen and (b) the people who are demanding it have no real clear plan for what they are doing. This is not 1786 in Annapolis. and these people are not George Washington, John Adams. Tench Coxe, George Mason or even Alexander Hamilton.

While Saudi Arabia prepares to execute an Indonesian woman for idiotic reasons, Pakistan’s Supreme Court welcomed the arrival of the 21st Century over the protests of its people who still believe that disease and bad luck are spread by magic spells and cooties. But don’t think that the limits of religious stupidity are found solely in the world of the PLRI. Believe me, it’s here in my backyard as well…

Why Care?


Another school shooting in Texas this morning has passions once again inflamed. It is far, far to early to draw any conclusions. As of this moment we have virtually no information whatsoever from which to conclude anything. But the one thing that we do know is that Social Media and traditional media will be full of people with opinions and arguments today. Those arguments will be angry, zinger-filled exchanges that will – in the end – decide nothing. But we have questions. Are they the right questions? 

There is one thing that I had noticed about these school shootings. That is that people care about them. Read the rest of this entry

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