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Is It Autumnal?


I had a really great experience this weekend when I met a US Navy Fighter Pilot who flew F-8 Crusaders off the USS Hancock* during the Vietnam War. It was a reminder of how extensive the Cold War really was and how on every front, the Russians had to be confronted, usually because they wanted to be.

We – corporately as a society – spend so much time in our virtual world of echo’s that there is literally no thinking anymore. We are told what we are to believe and we almost never question those who we have accepted as our virtual lords and masters. And when we want autumnal mead instead of Bud Light, we get put (metaphorically) in the stocks with rotten tomatoes thrown at us instead of having a discussion.

We see evidence of this each and every day. From a Congressional race wherein it’s no longer about what the district in question needs or even wants, to whether or not a Journalist, by which I mean occasional columnist, makes any difference now?

Even the story of a Saudi Columnist for the Washington Post murdered by the Saudi’s is being presented to us in a way that makes no logical sense. Why? Because it divides us.

In Brooklyn, a bunch of self-titled Witches gathered over the weekend to “curse and hex” Justice Kavanaugh – and others who have angered them. In San Jose, the official Catholic Church “Exorcist” announced a special Mass, presumably to combat the people who are “directing the evil to have a permanently adverse effect” on Justice Kavanaugh (and others). Others have answered by declaring that they would “fast and pray” to “defeat” the curses and hexes.

*Once upon a time, we had a sailor who had served aboard the Hancock during WWII on the Show. You can hear that interview HERE.



“The FBI was founded out of a government desire for more power. Its purpose is to give the Federal Government a police force. So why would the government, which spies on us, lies to us, steals from us and ignores us, have a police force that serves us?”

The DOJ has indicted another 12 Russian GRU agents for hacking the DNC. It is still a fact that not a single American voter was ‘tricked” into voting against Hillary Clinton. Not one.

It is also still a fact that Russia has tried to interfere in American elections for more than seven decades. It is also a fact that we have interfered in other countries elections.

The whole idea that the FBI is “apolitical” is laughable. Of course, it’s political. It always has been and it always will be. Tom Clancy’s “White Knight” portrayals notwithstanding, the FBI was founded out of a government desire for more power. Its purpose is to give the Federal Government a police force. So why would the government, which spies on us, lies to us, steals from us and ignores us, have a police force that serves us? Read the rest of this entry

The 1st Rule of Security

Just some short thoughts today as I am on my way to some medical follow-ups n my knee and hopefully some other meetings.

122016-lon109-turkeyrussianambasaThe assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Turkey yesterday was the fear of every security service in the world. It’s even a plot line from a Tom Clancy novel (Executive Orders). There is almost no defense against an inside job. I guarantee you today that every Secret Service Agent we have is undergoing an urgent review to see if the background checks and constant updates have missed anything. What’s more is that none of them will be offended by it because they know the first rule of security: Only people you trust can hurt you.

Putin’s ultimate response will be telling. The Turkish government cannot be happy about this, nor can they be all that upset. But a diplomatic row – just like this one – can start a world war if it isn’t handled correctly. Not that it will, but it is the kind of spark that could lead to bigger problems unless people slow down and think. Just like they didn’t in 1914.

After all the hoopla and videos and protests there is one inescapable fact that must be faced about yesterdays Electoral College vote to make Donald Trump the next President. And that is that Donald Trumps election has done more to educate the American people on how and why we have the Electoral College than any history class or college professor in the last century.

Also, if the election had gone the other way, we would be hearing lectures from progressives about how the Electoral College “saved” us.

122016-c0dkolgukaakndtMost of you know that know that for most of my life prior to 2008, I was closely associated with The Salvation Army. My parents are retired Officers, my sister is an officer and many – too many to count – of my friends are officers. Once upon a time (it was the 2nd biggest mistake I ever made) I was also an Salvation Army Officer. For all of that, my favorite part of The Salvation Army grinding schedule was Christmas Kettles. It was always a fun time for me personally, even though it was a lot – and I mean a LOT – of work. I’ve always said that if there was a way to get every person who walked by a kettle once to put in a dollar, the Army could do even more.

All of that to say that it was pretty cool to see Ezekiel Elliot jump into the giant kettle after scoring on Sunday night. I’m no Cowboys fan, but I did enjoy that and I am surprised that nobody had done it before. I am told by those who track such things that donations to kettles were up significantly after his jump into the Kettle. Well done. And if you happen to pass a kettle today, why not put in a dollar? It will do the most good.


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