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The Scarlet X

Montel William recently tweeted that people who do a certain thing on their profile would be unfollowed and blocked by him. The problem is, as it became clear in the following thread, he didn’t actually know what the thing he that was upset about and banning people for actually was. He still doesn’t. In point of fact, neither do I, although both he and I have a vaguely contextually idea.

That is a big part of the problem, when it comes to censorship and/or editorial controlling speech on non-governmental platforms. If we don’t know what we are looking at, how do we look when we start banning and/or editorially controlling the content of speech? Read the rest of this entry


Fahrenheit 451

So many errands to run today… I may need to re-evaluate my priorities. I no longer live my life by schedules, except for two things – Ben has to be at school at 0900 and be picked up at 1520. But if I am going to let my mood for the whole day be decided by whether or not I am done writing the blog at 0845, I need to seriously think about things.

Today is the celebration of so many things. First it’s NAVY DAY. First celebrated in 1922 to honor former President Theodore Roosevelt (who was big on the Navy, including “The Great White Fleet,” something no President would even consider today) on the anniversary of his birthday. After WWII, it sort of faded with the mothballing of the Navy. When Admiral Zumwalt came to the CNO’s office in the 70’s he tried to reignite it with mixed success. Now that the DDG-1000 has been commissioned Navy Day today recalls the great days of yore, and the leadership and innovations of Admiral Zumwalt.

January 1982

January 1982

Seven years ago today, I was in Los Angeles, at Cedar-Sinai Hospital, fully expecting my baby sister, Deanna, to die. She pulled through thanks to the great care there and today we celebrate her 43rd birthday. Once upon a time we were told that she wouldn’t survive that first week. The day she was born I threw the best block of my football career and sprang Tucker for a touchdown that beat our rivals. A few hours later we learned Deanna had been born, and on the day which marked the very first time I ever saw my father cry, we heard that we might lose her. Forty-three years later, we celebrate an amazing life filled with joy and pain.

Today, by the by, is Christmas! It is the birthday of my good friend, Jesus. Un muy feliz cumpleaños, amigo!

As far as the World Series goes, I am naturally inclined, as a National League guy, to pull for the Cubs. On the other hand, the Indians are almost an equally attractive team, and I do love the way they are using the pitching staff. But here’s the thing, when teams have had a long drought of championships and then the finally win one, they tend to become…. well… jerks. Read the rest of this entry

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