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Chickens and Roosts and Dogs and Boycotts

121216-uspreselection2-1050x600As Monday dawns, the chatter from the weekend has been about Russia “tampering” with the US election. This has people posing all kinds of scenarios from a Manchurian Candidate to outright fraud. Of course, nothing is further from the truth, but neither side lets go of a good conspiracy theory if it feeds their confirmation bias and gets people to donate money to their cause.

Consider for a moment a couple of things, internationally countries have always “tampered” with other countries elections to very little avail, but also always deny it. In 1960, the Soviets were very clear that they preferred Kennedy over Nixon, and while they were not accused of directly interfering, they were accused of doing things that favored Kennedy. Which was weird because Kennedy was the hardliner who kept talking about the “missile gap” and the need to contain communism. As we would later learn, the Soviets were flat out scared of Nixon and believed that he would not have hesitated to start a war, whereas they believed Kennedy was bluster and bluff, especially since he knew that there was no “missile gap” but it appealed to voters he needed.

In the end, there is something rather amusing about the same Administration that openly admits that it tried to influence another countries election – a close ally –  and in fact spent your money to do so, but failed, crowing now about how Russia tried to “influence” our election. You can’t really have it both ways. Either you stay out of it and accept the outcomes or you try to influence them and then whine about how the chickens come home to roost. Read the rest of this entry


My Faith Doesn’t Vote

Editors Note: Dave is waxing philosophical again. He was going to go back and redo all of this, but the day caught up and he didn’t have the time to do it over again. You know how he is about those stupid self-imposed deadlines. So if you happen to be a person who gets offended when faith is criticized, you probably want to skip this blog today and come back on Monday when Dave has more time to focus on the news of the day. – Producer Henri


faith-elections-16-blog-banner-largerThis election has brought out the worst in everybody.

When we have two really bad Candidates, a third option that is really just the worst of one of the two main parties masquerading as a third party along with the usual Greens, Commies and other assorted crazy’s rounding out the top of the ticket, along with the Prop 14 enforced loss of freedom of association and alternate choices down ballot, it’s become clear that the worst of everything is all we have left to debate and discuss. So instead of debating and discussing it like rational people, we – collectively, probably not you specifically* – have taken the level of discourse down several notches and made fools of ourselves.

Facts no longer matter. If you are a Catholic and you vote for Hillary, you are in danger of your eternal soul. Protestant mainline Christians are told that Trump is “pro-Life” and pro-Israel, so they MUST vote for him or Clinton will force them to have a gay marriage and let more Immigrants in to take over their jobs. Some go so far as to claim that because G-d once or twice chose bad people to be His leaders and instruments in the past, that indicates that Trump can be supported by Christians**. Yesterday, I was informed that as a person of the Jewish faith, I absolutely must not, cannot, don’t even think about it, vote for Trump. Read the rest of this entry

One Man’s Faith

In 1960, the biggest issue in the Presidential election between Vice President Nixon and Senator Kennedy wasn’t the danger of Soviet communism to world peace and stability. It wasn’t poverty, it wasn’t medical care. It was whether or not John Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, would as President, take orders from the Pope or not. In fact, Kennedy had to go out of his way to explain his views on the separation of Church and states as no other Candidate on a Presidential ticket (including Mitt Romney and Joe Lieberman) ever has. With Dr. Ben Carson’s recent comments about a hypothetical Muslim candidate, it brings into focus once again the words that Kennedy used to describe his beliefs and attitudes on the matter or religion and the Oval Office.

The City of Modesto claims that it is so broke that it MUST have $14 Million a year in Measure G Sales Taxes – a general fund tax – which it has described as a “public safety tax,” even though it isn’t. It IS a general fund tax that can and will be spent any way the City Council deems “necessary. Which will – if approved – include a brand new website costing some $120,000. Oh, and $0 of that will be spent in Modesto, Stanislaus County or even California. The company the City wants to spend Measure G General Fund taxes to hire is in Manhattan. Kansas.

Just another reminder… there is no such thing as a temporary tax.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews. It is also the day the world is yet again, supposed to end, but probably won’t. Certainly didn’t if you’re reading this, and if it did, you won’t see it anyway!


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