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Spanking The Hippo

Recently the Experts have been complaining that the American People don’t believe them. Why would that be?

PRODUCERS NOTE: I have no idea what the hell happened here. Dave was supposed to be talking about this whole Experts Not Being believed topic, and somehow that turned into Spanking the Hippo about Gays, Jews, Trump being executed by Gay-Jewish commandos and why Dave has issues and questions with religious faith. Some days it is impossible to keep him on topic. – Producer Henri

Robinson Cano is coming back tonight for the Mariners. PEDS, which used to be called steroids, have really messed with the perception of the game, and have hurt the Minor Leaguers with a dream.

The #warwithoutend which we were told is over, turns out it isn’t over as the 101st Airborne is back in action in Eastern Afghanistan against the resurgent Taliban who have their own news website. with the new defense Bill, this war should be able to go on until Congresspeople get re-elected still not having done their Constitutional duty…




A very special Happy Birthday to the BILL OF RIGHTS!

Over the weekend we drove to Tehachapi to visit my folks and let Ben spend time with his Grandma. The way down was socked in with clouds and rain, but coming home on Sunday the clouds had lifted and in the clear and cold air, the Sierra Nevada’s were snow crested and absolutely stunningly beautiful. I often say that this State, California, is the most beautiful. I’ve been to forty-seven states, lived in twelve of them and this is the place that is the most physically gorgeous in the world. If we could get our politics to match our beauty, this place would be heaven on Earth. All we can do is keep trying.

King Philippe, Queen MathildeRecently the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge was held. As a part of the celebration, THE KING AND QUEEN OF BELGIUM THREW NUTS TO THE CROWD. You may not get it, but it’s one of the classic moments of the Second World War. Surrounded by the Germans surprise offensive, elements of the 101st Airborne Division was encircled and isolated in the little ton of Bastogne. When the Germans demanded the surrender of the American forces, General McAuliffe, who was known for his lack of harsh language, struggled to find the right words to reply. One of his Aides suggested that his original one word response upon reading the demand was perfect. And so, the General had the single word reply typed up and delivered to the Germans:

To the German Commander:


The American Commander Read the rest of this entry

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