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Download 100x100Lucky Charms – 02/16/2015 – On Presidents Day, Dave finds he is interrupted more than once for cereal, a Dog Party and a Zeller in the cellar.

The PLRI attack in Denmark over the weekend and the execution of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians by IS in Libya serve as reminders of the dangers of ISIL.

A new Stanislaus Regional 9-1-1 Call Center Center Report (that makes two now) has Dave asking questions about why Modesto is so hell-bent on getting out of the 9-1-1 Center. We have a the Big announcement about some upcoming things on the show. 

Pete Rose argument and What if your faith tells you to do something that your conscience disagrees with? Vaccinations and Jewish law.

Building a Nation of Mushrooms – 02/13/2015 – Yes… it’s Friday and the North Koreans are celebrating their 70th Anniversary while China sings the praises of internet censorship! The City of Modesto managed to find a big old pile of money, whatever will they spend it on? The US embassy in Yemen was evacuated on Wednesday, most Americans have no clue where Yemen even is, let alone why we left. But the controversy comes from the way the USMC Guards left. we now know why Justice Ginsberg “fell asleep” at the State of the Union, and are you a Post-Vietnam Vet? Dave’s got a request for you.


Tark the Shark – 02/11/2015 – The Supreme Court of the United States will hear four cases from around the nation dealing with the issues related to Gay Marriage. Doug Johnson of the joins Dave to talk about the issue, and a few other questions come up along the way. One of which is whether or not this should be a States issue or a Federal issue. And, should the legal system even be involved in marriage? Gavin Newsome has made a long expected and not-much-of-a-surprise announcement today that he is running for Governor in 2018. Are there any others out there who might run? What is Kamala Harris somehow manages to lose her race for Senator next year? The President is seeking a full Use of Force Authorization from Congress in order to take further action – including ground troops – against ISIL. Republican leaders seem to be in favor of the idea. First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Got Your Six campaign, a Veterans reintegration program designed to help Veterans re-assimilate into civilian life. The question is whether or not she understand Veterans or just the few she’s heard about, including Chris Kyle? Who was not a woman, which seems to be a problem in Mrs. Obama’s view. Long time Collegiate Men’s Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian passes away at the age of 84. Dave saw him coach in person once at the Sweet-16 in Seattle.

The Greater Good – 02/10/2015 – The City of Modesto makes an ill fated attempt to open a Homeless Services Center, which they knew was a bad idea but spent $20ok on of federal money anyway. Now.. the Tax payers of Modesto get to pay it all back.

The Extremist Ben Carson IS Running For President – 02/09/2015 – Dr. Ben Carson tells Fox News Sunday that he is running for President, just not yet. Dave looks at the Doctor and considers the question, why did the SPLC put him on their Extremist Watch List? The State of California wants to cut gasoline use by 50% in just 15 years. Brian Williams should just go ahead and quit; enjoying the rain with Ben.

Politically Correct Islamic Guacamole – 02/08/2015 – Dave hates the month of February; Backstom; Jack White’s guacamole and political correctness; The PLRI and the President; The PLRI and the Courts

Uncle Leland and the Underground Homeless Band – 02/06/2015 – Former State Senator and future Federal Inmate Leland Yee, you remember, the guy who was importing illegal Russian firearms through the New Jersey mob for his friends in the Chinese Triad Gangs to guard their outdoor, environmentally unsound marijuana grows, and using the profits to pay off campaign debt AND fund the MILFS (not what you think) to kidnap and torture Chinese and Malaysian tourists in the Philippines? Yeah, that guy. He’s in even more trouble. The Presidents National Day of Prayer Speech is still reverberating. Did he really say what it sounds like he said? Anybody know where all the homeless folks in Manteca went? We’ll climb into the Way-Back machine and take a look at Fun With News; and we have our first in studio interview of the new podcast show, a surprise guest who dropped by the studio the other night and had a wonderful chat.

The Christians Did It First! – 02/05/2015 – The President spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and informed us that “Christians did it too,” so we should stop blaming the PLRI for violent acts? But what did he leave out of his remarks and why? Dave takes a special look at the Presidents failure to understand what stopped the violence in the past that he cited and what will be needed to stop the violent acts of the PLRI today.

How Do We Sleep while Our Beds Are Burning? – 02/04/2015 – Jordan executes two AQ terrorists in response to the burning death of its Pilot at the hands of ISIL; Comparing human depravity throughout history and the response of leaders; Does ISIL represent a National Security Threat to the United States? Waterford Councilman stabbed in robbery; The Vaccination debate; To Kill a Mockingbird sequel; San Francisco’s $15/hour minimum wage; The Mail Bag

Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace – 02/02/2015 – What’s Dave been up to? The Super Bowl ends on a fowl note. Did the MPD really decide to not intervene in a burglary?

Preview – 1/29/2015 – A New Show is Born


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