A Lot To Say

In the immortal words of Tony DeSare, I’ve really got s lot to sy about yesterday’s adventure.

On the downside, Ben had been sick since we went to Tacoma a couple of weeks ago. He’s had a cough that is now getting worse and an eye infection, possibly pink eye – that isn’t responding to the eye drops.

When I got home late last night, he was still awake. I walked into the bedroom and he saw me – yes, he was still awake – and I wish that I had the right words to describe the smile that slowly spread across his face. His eye meeting mine, it was the kind of moment that makes being a Dad so incredible.

“Dad, you were gone all day,” he said, not whining, but just happy to see me.

I was. It was a “Dave Day.” The first one I’ve had in years, and I enjoyed myself very much. I laughed, I saw things I’d not seen before and I spent time with my cousin. I’ve told you many times that I am closer to him than most any of the rest of my family, so it was good day. We closed the day catching a Comedy show in Modesto, and my sides still hurt from laughter.

None of that compares to that smile Ben had when I got home.

I will have a lot to say about what we saw and did and why. But Ben is sick today, his eyes hurting and his throat sore. Even his ears seem to bother him. So we’re off again to see his pediatrician and hopefully get this knocked out for good.

As soon as I get a quiet moment, I’ll be in the studio and ready to talk.

Because I’ve really got a lot to say!

The April 18th of April 18th’s

A long time ago, I had even less responsibilities than I do now (then – nuclear weapons, now – a six year old) and it was not unusual for me to jump into my car, a 1980 Volkswagen Sirocco, and drive hundreds of miles for a quick event and then drive home and go back to work. I didn’t need sleep as much then, although truth be told I probably got more than I do now.

On many of those trips, my cousin, Robb, would go with me or – more likely – was his idea anyway. We were young and we had no attachments. When we did finally have attachments we’d have to plan to be spontaneous. Which is what we have done.

So tomorrow, there will be no show.

But… you might want to follow the FACEBOOK page. What we have – out of the blue – decided to do tomorrow, April 18th, is the best possible way to celebrate April 18th one might possibly imagine in the most April 18th place one could imagine.

And, of course, it will be the Wednesday – or possibly Thursday – show.

Trust me… if you appreciate April 18th the way I appreciate April 18th, you will want to be as much a part of this as you can be.

Blind and Justice

After being awakened in a Top 5 worst Ways to wake Up manner, and after a couple of days of intensive packing of books and office stuff, come the news that a candidate who is not crazy will be running against the incumbent District attorney in Stanislaus County.

This is actually good news, as no incumbent should ever go unchallenged. But the whole campaign seems off to something of a North Korean Missile Launch of a start.



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