Dave 101

Submariner IngredientsAre you new to The Dave Bowman Show? Never heard of the Dave Diamond Experience? This is where you start or get a refresher on who and why Dave is.

This page is not a biography (for that you can go HERE), this is more of what used to be called an FAQ page, but with a twist. Here you will find Dave himself, in small snippets and in full episodes, explaining the basic concepts, ideas and inside jokes of The Dave Bowman Show.

If you’re new to the show, this is a great place to start.

If you’re an old hand on board the show, this can serve as a reminder of some of those core concepts and ideas.

Dave Diamond – When Dave first started at KFIV in 2006, he also worked for a local non-profit, which was “uncomfortable” with him being on the air under his real name. The Station agreed to let him have a “radio name,” and several ideas were floated, including, Randy Dolphin, Herb Foccacia (Dave’s favorite) and “something baseballish, since Dave had been originally hired to do sports. After the dust had settled, Dave Diamond was the agreed upon nom de guerre. To say that Dave hated it would be an understatement, and after several years, particularly when John was added to the show, he more or less dropped the “Diamond” part and just went with “Dave.” In 2013, the Station Management insisted that Dave use his real name, because “Dave Diamond sounds gay.”

At any rate, here are some segments and show bits that help explain things that might need explaining as you listen to and experience Dave…


Dave often says that liberty and freedom are NOT the same thing. Here’s why he says that:

Why Don’t Jews Vote For the GOP?
A question that Dave gets asked all the time: “Why Don’t You Jews vote for Republicans?” It’s a stupid question, but one to which there really is a simple answer. It’s all about communication. What do you mean when you say…?


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