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The Ham In the Pan


4a_ci_last_ditch_chivalry_2094_cSo screamed the headlines yesterday as I battled fever and chills. The problem is that not only is that untrue, but the entire weeks events show us how we (corporately) can misinterpret history to our own advantage.

The old saying goes that “winners write the History Books,” but even that is no longer absolutely true. The New York Times ran an op-ed piece on Monday asking Which MLK Jr Are we Celebrating?”¬† Is he the social radical of the 1960’s? Or is he the Conservative icon of the 21st Century?

These two disparate and yet concurrent things are just a reminder that when we read history, if everything that we read agrees with our own bias and beliefs, then we either read it incorrectly (wrong) or we simply did not read it all. when

When Bradley Manning goes to be tonight, he will still be a coward. And a traitor.

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She HAS To Know…

I am finally getting around to the point where I can reach the floor, and with my wife’s help I have managed to get the studio almost back into a functioning order. For the past nine months it has pretty much been the place where everything got put that nobody knew where else to put because Dave couldn’t move much. I’ve also ordered more soundproofing materials and have a plan to get them installed next week. We are getting closer!

world-series-game-7-cubs-indians-prediction-preview-pick-to-winLast nights game… Best. World. Series. Ever. It was as if the Baseball gods were going to drain every last bit of emotion and passion out of Cubs and Indians fans. I’ll admit it, I was happy when Davis hit the Home Run in the 8th. Whether Chapman was happy or not is another matter, but it was great for baseball. And that is the most important thing. My team – and your team – could not and would not have put on such a performance that captivated the entire country. The Cubs and the Indians did. And it was one for the ages.

Had a rather engaged conversation yesterday with my Cousin, Rob(b), who lives in another State that leans Democrat but still complains about the influence of Californians moving there (not Texas). It is interesting to me how many people who are really starting to realize that this country has become a mad house. Read the rest of this entry

The Slippery Slope Into Democracy

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62665704Legislation has now been introduced to make it a crime, complete with fines and potential incarceration, to say, print or otherwise use “transphobic¬†propaganda”. This would include, by the by, saying that there is no such thing as “transgender,” you either have a penis or a vagina. That would be considered “hate speech” under the proposed new law.

Now you can say to me that this proposed legislation, which is a classic example of the progressive idea of “solving a perceived social problem by using law instead of persuasion,” is in fact, in Canada, so why should I care?

There are a couple of reasons. First, Canada has a Constitutional guarantee of free speech. The Minister who proposed this law said, and I quote, “Free speech rights do not excuse violations of the law.”

Second, as Americans, and specifically as New Yorkers, we also have a Constitutional guarantee of free speech. And yet, in New York city, the same type of law has also been proposed.

So what happens in a world where free speech, the right, as it were, to speak truth to power, is outlawed? A world where to acknowledge the emperors new clothes isn’t just to help realize the absurd, it’s a crime against the State?

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