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Changing the Past to Serve the Present

The next move in the Salida/Wood Colony game has been made. It’s called “Revisionist History.” I am amazed, when we were looking at his words a week or so back, we drew parallels to “1984,” and its view of how to “control” history. At the time, it was metaphorical. Now it’s real. First Der Mayor was about “jobs” and growth, then he was about “protection.” Now he’s about changing history to meet his demands. You see, this whole Wood Colony thing is a myth in his mind. It never really ever existed the way it’s being defined today, so since it never had these borders anyway, this must be okay to go ahead and annex it. They’re going to “revisit” the whole issue in late March, but I don’t really expect anything to actually change – other than the excuses and rationalizations the Council will use to justify not doing the right thing. But it is an opportunity to fight again. Mount Up! Read the rest of this entry


Home Desalinization?

Candidate for Sheriff in San Joaquin County, Pat Withrow, joins us today at 3pm.*

So it turned out that not only was there no surprise or Salida, there wasn’t even a birthday cake. Okay, so the General plan will come before the Council again on March 25th, but at this point can we all agree that the Councilman in question who contacted a Salida MAC member to promise the impending surprise was pretty much (as always) full of crap? You can try to excuse away every action, but the simple fact remains – you didn’t do the right thing. And until you fix it, everything you do and say will be judged by the fact that you continue to lie and excuse instead of act. Read the rest of this entry

Simple Questions

I asked a simple question yesterday, how does a sitting City Council Member contact a sitting member of the Salida MAC and tell them that a “big surprise” – in the context of the annexation of Salida – is coming, without violating the Brown Act? When was the meeting at which this “big surprise” was decided upon? When was the public vote? Who went to the meeting? Who was invited to the meeting? Where are the minutes of that meeting? What is the subject matter of the “Closed” meeting that is apparently planned for Tuesday next? If those questions can be answered in a context which doesn’t violate the law, I’d love to hear it.

The other possibility – and one has to allow for this –  is that the City Councilman in question, is simply full of himself and wanted to sound more impressive than he really is.

Either way, is this what Modesto needs to represent the City? Read the rest of this entry

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