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Dave’s Dead Horse Farm

A week after the airstrikes on Syria, we are learning – in an unclassified manner – the assessment of the effectiveness of the attack. Which in round numbers was effectively, zero. Read the rest of this entry


The Revere Revision

Information on the run-up to the Syrian strikes is beginning to come out. It turns out that SecDef Mattis wanted to get Congressional approval before the strikes were launched. This does not surprise me, because Military people tend to believe that Congress is in charge of things.  President Trump, advised by Vietnam dodger Bolton, did not want or did not believe that they needed to wait for Congressional approval. Guess which side won out? Read the rest of this entry

The Monday After

I have always been a pragmatist. I make my argument until it no longer matters. Then I move on. I am not given to the “I told you so” mentality.

So, where are we now after Friday evenings military excursion? Can we deduce anything from the Presidents statement – delivered just as the first missiles landed – as to what the next move may be? Read the rest of this entry

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