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Lord Jim

As it stands rights now, at least five Broward County Deputies were on the scene at the Parkland shooting, but did not enter the building. Are there considerations as to why they failed to enter the school? Were they trained not to go in, but to wait for SWAT? Or did they just freeze? We’ll talk with Bill Mick of WMMB-AM in Melbourne, FL about the issues.  Read the rest of this entry


For Bribery Blinds the Eyes of the Wise

The Torah reminds us to be on guard against those relationships that might cause us to be influenced and turn a blind eye to what is right and what is just.

carsonThe arrest of Frank Carson and the release of the affidavit has opened a flood of questions and concerns. All of this for some metal trinkets of sentimental value, leading to the death of a man who did not deserve to die, nor did he face judgment for his acts in a Court of Law. By the time the story is told, there are nine people who were involved to one degree or another, none of whom chose to do the right thing, the humane thing.

Why does Dave care so much about this? Because every life should have some meaning. And there are lessons that can be learned here that might prevent another perversion of justice.

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287,000 People voted FOR Leeland Yee

So Conservatives awake today to the reality that your choices for Governor in November are now NEEL KA$HKARI OR JERRY BROWN. The traditional, “Neel loves freedom, Jerry doesn’t” line has already begun from the GOP and here’s the thing, they don’t just believe, they expect that Conservatives WILL vote for Ka$hkari in November. It won’t be enough to win, but they will gain two things: keeping the Conservative candidate off the ticket and getting you to vote for the moderate. This may also be the one election where it simply doesn’t matter. There is no way Ka$hkari wins and the GOP knows that. So even if Conservatives stay home or undervote, it won’t effect the outcome of the Governors race. There will be a lot of Initiatives and other races on the ballot in November, so it’s not time to quit.

Looks like I was wrong about Pat Withrow pulling the upset. He had a lot of support in the rural and southern ends of the County, but despite a lackluster – some might say “non-existent” campaign – Steve Moore retains his seat as Sheriff by quite a wide margin.

Statewide, 287,000 people (and growing as late ballots are counted), enough people to put him into 3rd place in the Secretary of State race, voted for Leeland Yee. When people ask you “What is wrong with California?” There’s your answer right there. Read the rest of this entry

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