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One Man Can Change the World

SEGMENT – American Ignorance

As it turns out, Americans – many of whom continue to call for things like eliminating Free Speech and abolishing the electoral College, have almost no idea why those things exist in the first place. But before you jump to the standard Chat Show Host outrage conclusion, consider this – why would they? Think about this for a second: how much time did you personally spend when you made your last big ticket purchase, thinking about the pros and cons of that spending? Now… how did that compare with how much time you actually spend thinking about your voting choices?

Given how candidates and issues are presented to us, why would we spend time on civics or learning about the “why’s” of our system? Seriously, what incentive is there for this “average” American Citizen to not just know these things, but to even care?


SEGMENT – The Russian Facebook ROI

“Russia,” as some sort of homogenous unit, bought $155,000 in Facebook ads during the 2016 Election. According to recent news reports, this investment of a mere $155,000 changed the election. Why does this seem far fetched to me? Because it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that the ROI on Facebook advertising is basically worthless…

SEGMENT – One Man Can Change the World

Once upon a time (Sept 26, 1983), a man you’ve probably never heard about, changed the world.



The Holidays are full upon us and Ben is now out of school for the Christmas Break. This will be the last full entry for the blog this year – I reserve the right to still blog if I feel the muse – but I am working to get everything in place for January 9th. The studio is ready now. I am still trying to replace my main computer, but even if I don’t get that done, it will just be a minor inconvenience. So hang tight just a couple of more weeks and things should be back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Years! May 2017 be filled with joy and thrills for each of us as we begin another orbit around our local star.

122116-297755main_gpn-2001-000009_fullOn Christmas Eve 1968 mankind did something it had never done before. Apollo 8 entered orbit around the moon and for the first time in history man was able to see the incredible view of the Earth rising over the moon. The iconic and moving photo was taken by astronaut Bill Anders who was supposed to be shooting pictures of the lunar surface, but when he and the Frank Boorman and Jim Lovell saw the Earthrise, knew that they had to shoot it and in color. One of the most turbulent years in history ended with the most amazing sight we’d ever seen. Now, using 2016 technology, the way that photo was taken has been re-recreated so that all of mankind can be a part of that moment. I really don’t care what else you do today, but watch this video. It’s six minutes you will treasure. And it will remind you of how small our problems really are on the cosmic scale… Read the rest of this entry

The Demise of Rush Limbaugh is Greatly Exaggerated

Rush-Limbaugh-smoking-smirkingTo hear most leftist websites tell it, the death of Conservative Talk Radio is nigh upon us with the demise of the “bankrupt” Rush Limbaugh’s contract with iHeart Media which is expiring this year.

Look, I’ll be among the numerous commentators to express the idea that the contract Rush got from Clear Channel in 2008 was… well… stupid. It was “unsustainable” and a foolhardy business decision, but then it has since become pretty obvious that the people making the “business” decisions for then Clear Channel had no real idea of how to run the business anyway. So really, giving Limbaugh $400 Million ($100 Million upfront and roughly $32 Million/year) probably made sense to them. Most of us who were around back then understood that it was a HUGE gamble and one that within weeks was pretty much killing the company. If you understand how these shows get on your local station, then you will quickly see the problem with the deal. Don’t forget, by the by, that Rush is only the largest of these deals. He is NOT the ONLY one of these deals.

But does the expiration of that deal with Premiere Networks (i.e. iHeart Media nee Clear Channel) mean the death of his show and with it all of Talk Radio?

Of course, not. Only a desperate fool (or an ever-tolerant leftist) would even think so in the first place.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems going forward, and that is why the New Frontier is so appealing to so many of us. In a world where free speech is more and more a meaningless phrase in the corporate world, the internet represents something that hasn’t really been seen in a while… freedom, and liberty.

With the biggest Radio Companies in big trouble (and nobody disputes that they are), what ends up happening may actually reopen the airwaves to more varied voices, but in any case, will NOT mean the end of Rush Limbaugh.

So what does it mean for people like Dave, Rusty (by the by, notice we use the same model microphone!) and Brian?

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