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The Steinle verdict has the entirety of the political right abuzz. Anger, frustration, screeching and fingers being pointed are the typical responses.

Which means that General Patton was right – When Everybody is thinking the same thing, nobody is thinking.

At. All.

So what happened? Did the Jury nullify? Did the Prosecution over-charge and/or under prosecute? Were the Jury members an OJ Simpson Jury level of stupid?



But for all of that, was this THE most important thing to come out of a Court this past week that will effect liberty and freedom in The United States?

Of course not… That might have come from a local Judge in Indiana, who decided that Teavana, a company owned by Starbucks, should have to follow her order and not do something in its own best interest. Remember, a Government that can tell Starbucks how to run its business, can tell you how to run yours… 


In post World War II, the incidents of sexual attacks and misconduct exploded in France. Now you might think that things would have been worse under the occupation, but it was after the Germans were driven out that things got really bad for women.

When you take a look at why it happened, your eyes might open up a bit as to why this conduct seems to have taken a hold here in America…


Reports of Accidental Discharge Acknowledged by Sig Sauer
Lawsuit filed by injured Police Officer over accidental discharge
Comments and observations from an Alternate Juror on the Steinle Case

Sir Paul McCartney – English Tea
La Chant Des Partisans


One Man Can Change the World

SEGMENT – American Ignorance

As it turns out, Americans – many of whom continue to call for things like eliminating Free Speech and abolishing the electoral College, have almost no idea why those things exist in the first place. But before you jump to the standard Chat Show Host outrage conclusion, consider this – why would they? Think about this for a second: how much time did you personally spend when you made your last big ticket purchase, thinking about the pros and cons of that spending? Now… how did that compare with how much time you actually spend thinking about your voting choices?

Given how candidates and issues are presented to us, why would we spend time on civics or learning about the “why’s” of our system? Seriously, what incentive is there for this “average” American Citizen to not just know these things, but to even care?


SEGMENT – The Russian Facebook ROI

“Russia,” as some sort of homogenous unit, bought $155,000 in Facebook ads during the 2016 Election. According to recent news reports, this investment of a mere $155,000 changed the election. Why does this seem far fetched to me? Because it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that the ROI on Facebook advertising is basically worthless…

SEGMENT – One Man Can Change the World

Once upon a time (Sept 26, 1983), a man you’ve probably never heard about, changed the world.

The Supreme Conundrum

California is in the midst of a debate as to whether or not to make itself a “Sanctuary State.” Introduced by Senator “Ghost Gun” DeLeon, SB-54 would essentially make immigration policy for California separate – and in opposition to – Federal Law and policy.

We’ve heard this argument before. In Arizona a few years ago, the State got tired of the Feds not enforcing immigration law, and attempted to set it’s own law as State policy. The Supreme Court slapped it down and we were reminded from coast to coast that the Federal government is “in charge” of immigration and, oh by the by, the whole Supremacy Clause…

Now they Government has changed hands – as it tends to do – and the same people who celebrated Arizona’s defeat are proposing legislation to do exactly the same thing. But there are are some big problems with the idea and the bill. In 1842 The State of Pennsylvania charged a man named Prigg under a law it had passed to defeat the Fugitive Slave Law of 1783. The Court would rule that Pennsylvania was bound by the Constitution to uphold the abhorrent Fugitive Slave Law, but… it left the State an out. 

In short, the argument was virtually the same as today – whose law is supreme? The State’s or the National Governments? And does California’s idea of SB54 have any validity at all?

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