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It’s The End of the World… Again…

There are many things that irritate me. But only a few that really  – I mean really – get me riled up. And as I get older, those few things rile me up ever more. At the top of that list is the “The End is Near” people. Especially the ones who take advantage of the gullibility of people.

By now you’d think that we’d see through it all. But since there is no accountability whatsoever for fake predictions, and so it never ends.

Look, the Earth’s climate changes. I get it. I am even willing to accept the idea that human beings have an impact on climate and the ecosystem in general. How could we not? How much that impact is actually changing things is – or at least should be – still up for debate.

My good friend, David Nabhan, is one of those who continues to raise questions about the totality of human-caused global warming. We’ll talk with him about his most recent article in which he points out that coal seam fires that are currently burning are producing 20% of the amount of CO2 that human activity is, but there is no outcry whatsoever to “do something” about this rather large contribution to greenhouse gasses.


The Ayatollah Threat

santa_1As if the universe wants to prove me correct, the Santa Story about the little 5 year old boy who’s dying wish was to see Santa Claus and then dies in his arms, turns out to be… wait for it… fake news! That’s right, the Santa Claus lied about the whole thing. Or at least he embellished a bit. Or maybe got a few “details” wrong.

But in a remarkable reaction, most people are more angry over the Texas Preacher who took it upon himself to tell kids at a local Mall that there is no Santa Claus than they are over the lies that the 78 year old former Army Ranger Santa Claus told. Oh… you didn’t know that he was a former Army Ranger too? People are screaming bloody murder at the guy who told their kids that Santa isn’t real, but are happy to have had a “feel good story” that “really captures” the spirit of Christmas even though it’s a fake news story.

Do you start to see why ending “fake news” isn’t going to be as easy as you hoped that it would be? Read the rest of this entry

Ending Fake News, Farming and Driving in California

_92276035_istock_19861919_mediumWhat if the actual definition of “Fake News” is not that the “news” in question is fake, per se, but rather that it is insulting or critical of the subject of the story? Seriously, by this point in time, if you cannot spot a “fake” news story, you pretty much have to have the brains of Jello®. So why all the hoopla over the fake news now? Is it because “fake news” cost Hillary Clinton the election? Of course not. Again, you’d have to be a dolt to believe that more than 60 Million people all fell for a meme. What if the real reason behind the attack on the 1st Amendment – remember, lying is in most cases protected by the 1st Amendment – is about silencing opposition? Is it really about politics or is there something a bit more nefarious at work here? Read the rest of this entry

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