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King David’s Treasure

gopLast nights GOP debate provided one shining moment that might give hope to those of us who still have hope that all of the remaining candidates might come to understand what it is that they are seeking to become.

But, to find that moment required Dave to do something he hasn’t been very good at doing lately, that is start his weekly Torah study earlier and spend less time chasing threads and tangents. Since he managed to do it for once this week, what did he find that brought just a glimmer of hope?

It started when the Tabernacle was put together and dedicated by the Israelites in the desert. And happened again when Solomon dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem. It reminds us today that while respect for servants is required, it is also imperative that public servants understand the role of staves.

Moreover, what happens when a leader forgets his or her primary purpose and while claiming to do good, maybe even the will of the Deity, he or she is in fact, harming the people? Will they learn the lesson? Or will they just ignore it and hope that nobody notices?

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Over the weekend Dave watched a famous 1993 film a couple of times. What was once a funny romcon has now become depressing. It has left Dave wondering why the six people left on the Presidential stage are possibly among the worst people ever to seek the office in the last 200 years?

Granted, Dave isn’t feeling himself lately and maybe he’s just a bit down over things. But doesn’t it seem like if you were to go through your own list of friends you could easily find six people who would be better Chief Executives than these six? Maybe even Mazzy?

And since we the people are stuck with these six populists, is there anything… anything at all, that can be done about it?

The Conscientious Bern

Recent internet memes have taken aim at the Vietnam era “Conscientious Objector” status which was sought by Senator Bernie Sanders. Whether you believe that a person should have military experience to be Commander in chief or not, this particular discussion revolves more around something that Sanders’ campaign said about his request during the Vietnam War and what they have said about his positions currently.

Additionally, there are some rather… well… curious issues with his claim to begin with. For starters, Bernie Sanders was married in 1964 (making him a Kennedy Husband?), which, should have kept him out of the draft until the end of August, 1965 when President Johnson eliminated the marriage exemption. This would have left Sanders eligible for the draft from September 1965 until his 26th Birthday on September 8th, 1967, a window of two years.

If we are going to judge candidates by what they have said and done in the past and not what they say they will do in the future (and seriously, why would we ever even consider doing that?), we might have to take Bernie at his word. The problem is that if we do, we find out that he really is all about somebody else footing the bill… for everything, including his liberty and freedom.

But if, on the other hand, there was validity to his claim during the Vietnam War AND his claim today, then we quickly see an even bigger problem with the entire idea of politicians and power.

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