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He’s A Wiley One…

I have always loved the Winter Olympics. The Summer Games are fine – and I had a grand time attending them in 1996 – but for me, it’s the Winter Games that captivate and enthrall me. There are three sports that I can’t miss: Ice Hockey, Curling and my favorite of all, the Ski Jumping. Read the rest of this entry


Who Ya/What’Cha Voting for & Why?

It’s Election Eve, so we have “Who Ya, What’cha Ya Voting For and Why?” on the Show today. You call me up and tell me who or what you are voting for and why as quickly as you can.

So is this article about the upcoming book on the 2012 Campaign really about the problems Romney had vetting Chris Christie or is more of a hit piece designed to put an end to any Presidential aspirations of Christie in 2016? Clearly Christie didn’t meet up to Romney’s standards, and I too would have a problem with his chronic tardiness (although that seems to be the modern politicians forte), but this sounds more to me like questions that should have been asked of New Jersey voters before they elected him Governor. Read the rest of this entry

The Kentucky Kickback (And More!)

I will give credit where it is due. My Congressman, Jeff Denham (R-CA) voted “No” on the ReidMcConnell Bill. Bravo Zulu. Other CA Republicans voted “aye.”

Off and running already the ReidMcConnell consummation has begat unto us the “Kentucky Kickback,” which McConnell denies vigorously since Bab’s Boxer (D-CA) and Lamar Alexander (DR-TN) inserted the language into the bill. But are we really supposed to believe that McConnell “didn’t know” about a $2 Billion earmark in this thing? That he didn’t read the bill before he voted on it? (Okay, yes on that one)

UPDATE: Seven more “sweeteners” to the Debt Ceiling Bill. Keep in mind that Nancy Pelosi said “you have to understand, there are no more cuts to be made.”

Pretty much everybody realizes that despite the “historic agreement” (as per Senator HarryMitch) that nothing has been done to solve the economic problems.

In the great State of Illinois, 100,000 people have have signed up for Obamacare (he loves that name!)! Or… more precisely they haven’t…

The City of Stockton is TWO YEARS BEHIND in filing its required State financial reports. Just think about that for a minute, and then ask yourself why the City Manager hates it when we bring up the “how” Stockton got into this mess and now needs another 0.75% of your money? who is in charge of these reports? Has anybody been fired for being TWO YEARS BEHIND on them? Will that person or persons have to fork over the $5,000 fine? Or will they need Measure A/B money to cover the cost of being incompetent in the basic financial functions of a City Government?

Public Sector Unions are borderline are the #1 donor of funds to Democrat Party politicians and issues. It is why the Democrats cannot be honest about embracing “reform,” nor can they afford to not do what the Public Sector Unions want – like supporting Measure X. The Modesto sales tax increase – another full percentage point – is almost 100% funded by two Public Sector Unions which believe that they will also receive the lions share of the $26 Million generated annually.

What if it turns out the cause of ADHD and other behavior disorders is the function of parenting being replaced by Day Care?

Over the past five years, American businesses have doubled their cash to asset ratio. For those of you not in business, that means that companies are not spending money (it could also mean that they are selling off assets). Think about what that means to Keynesian economic policies, which is basically what we are operating our current economic policy upon. Since businesses are not “investing” (i.e., “spending”), in order to increase “output” the Government has to “invest” (i.e. “spend”) in order to raise production. In other words, since the companies aren’t willing to invest (i.e., “spend”) their own cash, the only thing driving any economic production is government “investment” (spending). The problem should be obvious, but in case it’s not, Government “investment” (i.e., “spending”) has to come from one of two (or even both) sources – tax revenue and/or borrowing. Tax revenues remove spendable funds from the economy, forcing people and businesses to spend less because they have less (Hello Measure X!) or by raising the debt thus increasing the interest service and/or the long term debt load. The biggest question of all is WHY are American businesses doubling their cash to asset ratio? What is Government doing to encourage businesses to “invest” (i.e., “spend”) their money on their own production? (Hint: nothing)

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