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Burn It Down Baseball

Spring Training is upon us! Huzzah! The problem is that unless your team has been burnt to the ground already (Tigers, Reds, Phillies, Giants), or has more cash than common sense (Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox), this is unlikely to be a season to remember. Why?

Because the combination of a three factors have collided to make this year one of the potentially worst ever in Baseball, not just the Major Leagues. The players made fools of themselves in the last CBA. Combine that with the luxury tax issues and the reset at the end of this season, and lastly the timing of the Free agents for next season, it has made this off season frustrating to players and fans. And it’s put a pall over the regular season.

Now we head in to the 2018 Season with players feeling betrayed by Owners who gave the Players what they wanted in the CBA. Fans are left to wonder, how bad will my team be, and will it really be that bad or will they just be tanking? And since tanking seems to bring success, isn’t that a positive thing?

The State of California, along with New York and Illinois, has introduced legislation to ban tackle football for kids under High School age. Now… the bill hasn’t become law yet, but it raises questions. First, it is appropriate for the State to ban a sport? Second, is there a role for the State government in oversight of an athletic endeavor? Given the numbers and types of injuries, shouldn’t other sports be banned as well? 

At the Olympics, the main topic du jour seems to be sex, rather than actual competitions. Specifically gay sex, which will NOT be happening in Indonesia, but WILL be happening in Indiana…


The 42 Allusion

If 42 really is the answer to life, the universe and everything, then we have to ask two questions. “Why do California’s roads suck so badly?’ and “What happened to the money?”

Back in 2002, nearly 70% of voters approved Proposition 42, a self-imposed gasoline tax that was for the purpose of fixing roads. In 2006 voters even more emphatically passed Prop 1A which told the Legislature that they had better stop stealing the Prop 42 money. But you’ll notice that the roads still suck more than a decade later.

Now the Governor and the Legislature want a 42% increase in the excise tax on gasoline. Why?

To fix the roads, of course. And they say “Just trust us,” when it comes to guarantees about the money not being stolen. Again.

The Supreme Conundrum

California is in the midst of a debate as to whether or not to make itself a “Sanctuary State.” Introduced by Senator “Ghost Gun” DeLeon, SB-54 would essentially make immigration policy for California separate – and in opposition to – Federal Law and policy.

We’ve heard this argument before. In Arizona a few years ago, the State got tired of the Feds not enforcing immigration law, and attempted to set it’s own law as State policy. The Supreme Court slapped it down and we were reminded from coast to coast that the Federal government is “in charge” of immigration and, oh by the by, the whole Supremacy Clause…

Now they Government has changed hands – as it tends to do – and the same people who celebrated Arizona’s defeat are proposing legislation to do exactly the same thing. But there are are some big problems with the idea and the bill. In 1842 The State of Pennsylvania charged a man named Prigg under a law it had passed to defeat the Fugitive Slave Law of 1783. The Court would rule that Pennsylvania was bound by the Constitution to uphold the abhorrent Fugitive Slave Law, but… it left the State an out. 

In short, the argument was virtually the same as today – whose law is supreme? The State’s or the National Governments? And does California’s idea of SB54 have any validity at all?

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