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But… But… RUSSIA!!!!!!!

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For pretty much most of my life, certainly the first thirty years of it, the Soviets, er, Russians, were the Evil Empire. In Kindergarten I did Duck and Cover drills at Ashley Elementary School in Denver. As a boy I listened to my Dad explain to me that Barry Goldwater would have defeated the Russians. As a teenager I watched the Soviets invade Afghanistan. In Junior High I was appalled when Ford announced that the Poles did not consider themselves dominated by the Soviets. In High School I listened as Reagan declared the Soviets “The Evil Empire.” And then I went to sea, putting my own right index finger on “the button” of nuclear deterrence.

Get what I’m saying? I’m the hawk here. I hated the Soviets from the day was was born. I’m the guy who would – all over again – go back to sea to wait for the law to be signed outlawing Russia, followed by the command to bomb them back to the Stone Age in five minutes.

I don’t trust Putin or the neo-Stalinists. I don’t believe them when they say they want peace and prosperity. I’ve never trusted them. And I never will.

And for all of that, I still cannot believe the way this country is going into full 400Hz flop and twitch over $150,000 worth of idiotic Facebook ads.

Facebook ads people… Quick – don’t think about it… name five people you personally know who actually click on Facebook ads…



The news that ex-Sgt Bowe Bergdahl will serve no prison time for his desertion has the nation and social media abuzz. I’m not in any way, shape or form surprised that he got no prison time. Why? Because the 6th Amendment still applies to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. And the Commander in Chief still doesn’t understand that.

Now matter how many people scream and yell that “Since when does deserting your post in war time not require the firing squad?” it doesn’t change the facts. First, we don’t shoot – or at least very rarely – shoot people for desertion in the face of the enemy. Second, you can’t have the Commander in Chief out screeching about how justice for an accused but not convicted (or at that point even charged) soldier should be treated. It taints the presumption of innocence, and it makes it impossible to get a fair trial or sentence.

So you can be mad if you want. But be mad at those who ignore the Constitution, which still applies to a deserter. 


For years I’ve been asked over and again why I am not a member of the Libertarian Party. For most of those years, my answer was milquetoast, mainly dealing with the LP’s position on drugs and in the Ron Paul era it’s position on isolationism. But in truth, I am not a hard-line anti-marijuana guy, although I would never use it myself. And while I am not an isolationist, I think that there is need for a national discussion and much more congressional debate about our military involvement overseas.

So imagine my surprise when I was doing my Torah Study this week, and I found the answer as to why I am not a Libertarian. Mostly, it’s because the Libertarians themselves are not able to truly define what it is that they believe, and when they do, it is not compatible with my faith…



The USS SSgt Bowe Bergdahl

Okay, let’s postulate a scenario  in which the Administration tells Congress they want to swap the five Talibani’s for Bergdahl, and the Senate rejects it. The trade doesn’t happen and Bergdahl, who we are told is in poor health and indeed may die (and I never believed that) or even be killed eventually by the Taliban. So now, years later, Bergdahl is dead, and we never know why he left.

Even though the Army suspected that Bergdahl had deserted, and certainly had not been authorized to leave his post, he was promoted twice while in captivity and is in fact, SCHEDULED FOR AN ADDITIONAL PROMOTION even as we speak. Presuming that we never see or hear from him again, his disappearance and death go down as POW/MIA and his promotions stand.

In a few years, the Navy launches a new Ammunition Ship named the USS SSgt Bowe Bergdahl. He is remembered as a hero and one of those lost in combat in a war that ends with less than “peace with honor.” Somewhere the SSgt Bowe Bergdahl Elementary School opens in Hailey, ID, along with a plaque with his name on it in the town square.

Eventually a War Memorial to the Afghan War is built on the Mall in Washington, D.C. and his name is listed upon it as one of the honored dead from that conflict.

Now… none of that will happen.

Now THE REAL HEROES who sacrificed themselves will be recalled and honored instead of a man who at the very least, went UA and at worst, collaborated with the enemy.

Lastly, if you honestly believe that the NSA and CIA and Military Industrial Complex can and does track your every move, why do you reject the idea that five Talibani’s won’t be tracked every minute of the rest of their lives?

You don’t have to like it or even agree with me, but I believe that five useless and marked for life Talibani’s were worth it to get Bergdahl. We have prevented to worst offense of all – Stolen Valor. We have prevented Bergdahl from forever bearing honor and memorial that he did not earn and would have stolen from men who did earn it.

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