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The Post – The Constitution Thursday Version

Before there was “The Post,” starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, there was Constitution Thursday with Dave & John telling you the non-Hollywooded up version of the story…


Language and Perspective

Segment 1 – Welcome to the New Studio!

The experience of buying a home with a “credit challenge” can be stressful beyond belief. The new digs have everything Dave’s ever wanted in a home except for one thing – a Mead Hall.

Segment 2 – “As a Reminder to Future Generations”

After Charlottesville the national scrutiny of Confederate symbols has become acute. Should a monument be eliminated simply because it exists? Or is there a deeper meaning to some of these statues and stones? In the late summer of 1991, I went to Gettysburg. what I found there provides me with my answer and position of the removal of CSA monuments.

Segment 3 – “The Question”

In all of my years in the media, one of the biggest questions I get asked is “Why don’t Jews vote Republican?” There is an answer to that question, and I guarantee that if you are an evangelical Christian republican you will not like it. The interesting thing about it is that it applies to other minority groups as well. And if the GOP really wants to reach those voter groups, they might want to think about how they change their approach…

An Inconvenient Truth Or Two

The rioters were all a bunch of outsiders. They don’t represent the real students at UC-Berkeley. In fact, we are told that it is always these outsider anarchists who are giving UC-Berkeley a bad reputation for violence and mayhem.

This is the line we are given after somebody – we aren’t sure exactly who, but most definitely NOT UC-Berkeley students – tore things up preventing the gay Brietbart staffer, Milo Hanrahan from giving his presentation at the University. Read the rest of this entry

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