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Expandable Pockets

Some days, the jokes just write themselves.

I read in Smithsonian Magazine that scientists have discovered a “new species’ of leech in the swamps around Washington, D.C. seriously, they really did. After the obvious punch lines, I actually read the article, not just the headline. After all of that, I am not sure that they really discovered something new or if there has been a serious instance of reverse evolution in the swamps around Washington, D.C.?


First Things

As I mentioned on Friday, I will be out all this week.

That said, let me say a couple of things that I hold very important: Foremost, there will NEVER be a charge to listen to Plausibly Live or – as far as I can control – any show on the P99. I guess it’s the AM Radio tradition in me. I certainly don’t object to advertising or sponsorships. But to actually hear the content will never be something that I feel should be sold. There are a few reasons for that. First and most importantly, I don’t do this to make money. It is all about my son.

My family history is important to me. Yet I have virtually nothing to tell me what that history is. I have bits and piece here and there. Of my Great-Grandfather, a Cavalry Trooper in the Civil War, I have one photo and his soldiers service record. Of him as a person, I have literally nothing. He left no writings, no letters, no diaries, no family stories. Not even a marked grave. I have stories of my grandfather and I once spent a glorious afternoon over iced tea and cinnamon coffee cake with my Uncle Joe, listening with rapt attention to him as he told me about his father, my grandfather. I knew my other grandparents and I have extensive notes.

At the end of the day though, I know very little about them as people. I can fill in the gaps with social history. For example, my Grandparents (and to an extent my great-grandparents) were heavily involved with The Salvation Army. As Oklahomans, this makes sense. Oklahoma was – and remained well into the 1980s – a bastion of temperance. And temperance drew heavily on the Wesleyan traditions, in which The Salvation Army was, once upon a time, steeped.

My Grandfather and his Brothers-in-Law were veterans of World War II. They have their stories, their service, from which I can infer some things. But I have almost nothing of what they actually thought or believed about it all.

And so I want my son, who as of today is nine-years-old, to have a record of me. An opportunity to understand my thoughts and beliefs, my passions and my experiences. When everything is said and done, this show is for him above all else. Last night, he came into the office, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I know why you do your show.” Even he gets that there will come a time when I can no longer teach him things. This show will be that record for him. An opportunity to hear directly from me, should he need or want to do so.

I also understand that many of you have been on this journey with me for a long time. From the earliest days on KFIV, some of you have been loyal listeners and friends. You are a part of my story and my life. As such, you are a welcome contributor to my story. This show is also for you. If I have accomplished anything, I hope that it is to encourage you to think for yourselves and not just accept whatever anybody, left or right, tells you. For those of you of the Christian faith, search these things for yourself to see if they are true. For all of us, study remains the highest form of worship and the best way to be engaged, virtuous citizens. I believe that was the true aim of the Framers and Founders.

After all of that, some things have changed in our home and consequently our budget. Since 2015 I have stayed home with Ben, worked on show stuff and we have been a single income family. The time has come, though, that it is no longer sustainable. We are by no means, extravagant people. Cami is very money smart, and she is amazingly dedicated to the idea that what we need most is each other. As long as we have family, we’ll be fine.

I don’t need to make a lot of money. Realistically, I only need to clear about $700/month to make things work. So I accepted a part-time logistics position with a local place that will hopefully provide that income. Once everything is up and going, it should be two days a week, although there is a possibility (probability) that it will be more. My plan is to do the show where I can, although for the next week I will most likely be unavailable as I will be in training all week.

There are those who have encouraged me to create a Patreon account for sponsorships for the show. I am not opposed to the idea, and indeed we do have a very generous supporter who contributed significantly to the operational costs of the show and the P99 Network. I already have a PayPal link for special events, such as the Willie Spoon raffle, but I don’t promote it or push it because, again, it’s not why I do this. If you would like to support the show, I welcome it, but it will never be a requirement to hear this show or any show on the P99.

So that’s what’s going on. I am going back to work, at least part-time, and the show will be back in a week. It’s not quite as dramatic as I made it sound the other day, but that’s the story of my life.

Which is what this show really is…

Flags of Convenience

The world is holding its collective breath as the Steno Impero, a Chinese built, British Flagged, owned by a Swedish Company (Steno Bulk), licensed through a Create based LLC, operated by a Scotland based operations company and with a crew that does not include a single UK citizen tanker sits in an Iranian Port, having been seized by a paramilitary group in retaliation for the British seizure of the Panamanian tanker, Grace 1, which is sitting in Gibraltar.

Got all that?

Now the UK is sending naval assets to the Persian Gulf to “show the flag” to Iran, while the US is asking other naval powers to assist us in guarding the Straights of Hormuz from what is essentially piracy by using naval force, all while reminding Teheran that we could – at any moment – wipe them off the map, but probably not before they launch whatever nefarious weapons they may or may not have at Israel, which neither owns nor flags any of the tankers involved.

So how does all this weirdness happen? Why is it so confusing?

Like most things, it started here in the United States, for reasons that will make sense to you as soon as you hear them. It – the practice of convenience flagging of ships – continues today because despite what you might intuitively think, there are advantages to having it be as totally confusing as is possible.

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