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Adieu, Rachel

Everyday, I try to close the show with a lesson which I learned too many times the hardest way possible. Believe me when I tell you this, tomorrow is not a guarantee. While the world mourns the loss of yet another “one-of-a-kind-misunderstood-and-underappreciated musical genius,” this show, and Cami and I, lost a friend this past week. Rachel was a loyal listener to the show for a very long time, and over that time she became a friend to Cami and I.

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Look, everybody has their own demons and issues. We all face them in our own ways, and one of the joys in life is when somebody – a friend – finds their way past those issues and reaches a place in life of happiness and fulfillment. Our friend Rachel certainly found hers at a little country store in Maine, after leaving the Central Valley to start over.

Life is too short and too precious to dwell on the negatives. Rachel found a new life and a new joy in a new place that ended far too soon and for the simple reason that so many of us ignore ourselves. If you don’t feel good, and it keeps going on, go to the damn doctor.

Today as family and friends mourn her loss, I just wanted to remind you again, that you need to take the time – right now – to tell the people who matter in your life that you love them and that you would miss them if they weren’t there. Please don’t pass up those opportunities, You are not promised a tomorrow. And you simply do not want to have the regret of never having another chance to tell people that they matter to you.

Emu Wedding… It Was in Escalon..

Original Airdate: May 17, 2012

It way on this day in 2012 that a 14 year old boy bit into a Wendy’s hamburger and provided much entertainment to Dave, John and Mazzy. More importantly, Donna Summer passed away, which was sad, but at the same time allowed Dave to at long last forgiver her for the long national nightmare she inflicted on the entire nation in 1978.

It turned out that Mazzy was quite the Richard Harris fan, and his clothes as well. Also at least two of the Gibb Brothers remain dead. But  in any case, the boys, know how the whole Wedding DJ thing works, including what songs get the wrong people dancing…

Holstering Free Speech

Around the world, the idea that I have the freedom to speak on whatever issue or opinion I may choose is slowly eroding to the point where I begin to wonder if it really exists at all?

In Ireland, a well known Comedy TV actor is being “investigated,” for the crime of blasphemy, Now before you jump on the obvious conclusion there, you might want to hear the full story.

In the United States, the President and his staff have both decreed an intention to and have begun to take some form of action to “look at ” the libel laws in this country, so that they can can sue for “a lot of money.”

And on our own television, an actor, that is a man paid to pretend he is somebody else, cracked a joke about Putin’s holster. Outrage flew from the keyboards of those on the political Right, calling for his dismissal from a program they already don’t watch; a boycott of his program which they already don’t watch; to stop buying products that aren’t advertised towards them; and – tragically – for something that you would think that conservatives would find to be an anathema to themselves. But they called for it anyway. And somehow, instead of saying “nope,” the government is “looking into it…”

Since 1798 political freedom of speech has been under attack in The United States. Each succeeding generation has managed to find new ways to push the envelope on both sides of the issue. How much can I say? How much can I force them to shut up?

And what can I as a conservative and an originalist say in response that is true to what I say I believe?

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