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Music Two-For-One: Pink Floyd and the Supreme Beings of Leisure

For me, It’s “Keep Talking”

There’s a silence surrounding me
I can’t seem to think straight
I’ll sit in the corner
No one can bother me


Rather than have two points of divergence from what I normally post on this blog, I rolled up my thoughts on two different bands into one. Enjoy…

“What is your favorite Pink Floyd song? And why?”

I suck at rules on Quora; I cannot give just one example, therefore I shall limit my submissions to only two.


This track was pleasant on the ears when I heard it, despite the fact that it took a while to warm up to “The Division Bell” in its entirety. However, the video moved it up several notches in my regard.

I cannot easily put my finger on why this video resonates so strongly with me. The footage from the ISS is beautiful and – in my opinion – a reflection of Mankind’s fascination with the dynamic between technology and nature. Countless hours and resources have resulted in the ability for a select…

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Doesn’t it seem strange that after Thanksgiving, Navy Blue Thursday, Black Friday, small business Saturday, Football Sunday and Cyber Monday, we finally get around to “Giving Tuesday?” Even the idea of giving has become commercialized to the point where it needs its own day and marketing campaign…

Some members of the so-called “Migrant Caravan” decided to charge the border at San Ysidro, only to be repulsed with Tear Gas. Tear gas is forbidden to use in a war so this cannot be an “invasion.” But where do we go from here? Nobody has any answers, just a bunch of angry yelling…

Russia and Ukraine are at it again. Russia is just going to keep slicing off pieces of salami until it gets what it wants or they cross a red line that actually matters. The real question is whether or not we are willing to send our men and women into combat against Russia for Ukraine?

The landing on Mars reminds us that the spirit of exploration is alive and well, even if the challenges remaining to be overcome seem daunting…



Failed Soft-core Porn Star Bill Maher got into some hot water last week when he commented on the passing of Stan Lee. Well… more or less he was commenting on the people who were mourning the passing of Stan Lee. On Friday my cousin and I were talking about as deep into trying to put words to thoughts about society and the ills we face today. Robb thinks that people aren’t growing out of their teenage rebellion stage and consequently their worldview is skewed.

Over the Holiday we learned that a Christian “Missionary” decided to go to North Sentinel Island and inject his particular faith into some people who (a) don’t care and (b) have made it very clear that they don’t want to hear it. Here in Silverdale, we deal with Mormons (sorry, LDSers) who try to visit even after being told – repeatedly – that we are not only not interested but seriously, don’t you people ever take a comparative religion course?

Anyway, the Sentinelese People who inhabit the island have a much more direct way of explaining these things to unwelcome visitors. They just kill them. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal here, but over there, it’s actually against the law to even try to go to their island in the first place. although the Police there are trying to investigate the Missionary’s death as a “murder.”

Not that this Christian who believed that all governments are established by G-d cared about that. He did write in his journal a few hours before he momentarily landed on the island for a second time after not taking the hint the first time, “God, I don’t want to die.”

Best Social Media comment in the aftermath of this idiots demise? “If only he spoke Hovitos…”

The Holiday Travel Rush has shown us one thing – Airports HATE Uber and Lyft. If you travel to the airports by some other means, you probably hate them too. Turns out that a vast majority of the increased automobile traffic at the airport is because of … wait for it… ride-hail companies! at least that’s what we are told. I’m not convinced it makes sense. But standby, airports are about to start seriously cracking down on the number of Ride-Hails it allows into the terminal drive.

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