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The Hornet’s Sting

On the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle raid, Dave got to visit the USS Hornet Museum. It honors the brave men who flew that daring raid as well as the generations of sailors who served in her after WWII and even today aboard ships with other names, but doing the same job of keeping the peace.

That idea of deterrence and peace through strength is the real reason, despite the apparent confusion of Trump’s Armada, that North Korea and Kim Jong-tun (get it?) decided to not test their atomic weapons last week.

Deterrence works because there is a credible and real threat of retaliation. Ships like USS Hornet and USS Carl Vinson along with their myriad of escorts and support ships provide that deterrent today.

The April 18th of April 18th’s

A long time ago, I had even less responsibilities than I do now (then – nuclear weapons, now – a six year old) and it was not unusual for me to jump into my car, a 1980 Volkswagen Sirocco, and drive hundreds of miles for a quick event and then drive home and go back to work. I didn’t need sleep as much then, although truth be told I probably got more than I do now.

On many of those trips, my cousin, Robb, would go with me or – more likely – was his idea anyway. We were young and we had no attachments. When we did finally have attachments we’d have to plan to be spontaneous. Which is what we have done.

So tomorrow, there will be no show.

But… you might want to follow the FACEBOOK page. What we have – out of the blue – decided to do tomorrow, April 18th, is the best possible way to celebrate April 18th one might possibly imagine in the most April 18th place one could imagine.

And, of course, it will be the Wednesday – or possibly Thursday – show.

Trust me… if you appreciate April 18th the way I appreciate April 18th, you will want to be as much a part of this as you can be.

Protect And Serve

United Airlines lost something north of $200 Million in stock value yesterday. That is somewhat misleading because it’s stock value, not actual operating money. Still, it gives them an excuse to reduce dividends which will make retirees invested in the airlines less happy.

“Protect-Serve in place… enhance your calm…”

There’s plenty of finger pointing to go around, and plenty of people who will take the blame and lose their jobs so that the Managers don’t have to. But what does the whole thing say about our culture?

A man arrested in Sacramento is later released for a “lack of evidence” that he actually did anything wrong. The problem is that his arrest was caught on video and once again, raises serious questions about law enforcement behavior. Much like the United Flight, the same overarching question remains – what happened to “protect and serve?”

Meanwhile Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer, who obviously had no clue that yesterday was Passover, announced that Assad is worse than Hitler. The nation, led by the Offense Police, screeched and yelled until he clarified what he meant, which apparently was that Assad is worse than Hitler. Then he apologized for saying that Assad is worse than Hitler.

Whether it’s a Baseball Team owner or a French Politician or a Presidential Spokesman, it seems like Hitler comments are basically a career death trap to be avoided. So, why not give my system a try?

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