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Daylight Savings Time

The change to Daylight Savings Time is just hours away. It doesn’t bother me, then again, I am not tied to a strict schedule. But there are reasons that I prefer it.

The President pardoned the submarine sailor who took unauthorized photos of his boat. The reason is fuzzy to me, but it seems to be that Hillary Clinton did it too, so why punish this sailor for doing “the same thing?” Well… for starters, it wasn’t the “same thing.” For seconds, a Nuclear Machinist Mate First Class Petty Officer is a tad bit more important to the National Security than the Secretary of State… yes, I said that. Secretary of State is a “non-job.”

The Seattle Seahawks released Richard Sherman and now he has signed with the 49ers. People up here aren’t sure what to think about that. The Angels new $uper$tar isn’t doing very well…

The Military Parade is a “Dog and Pony Show.” If the President really wants to say “Thank You” to the troops, there are some better ways to do it…


A Slam Dunk Not Guilty

I’m headed to Tehachapi today, so just a short bit of notes, most of which were written last night, so I can beat my stupid self-imposed 0845 deadline.

The Headline that about a dozen people sent me last night read “All Seven Wildlife Refugee Occupiers, Including Ammon Bundy, Found Not Guilty.” I am on record as believing the Bundy’s are both nuts and wrong. So naturally the jury verdict is a repudiation of my opinion, right?

Yet another example of making value judgments from headlines.

In the first place, good for them. They used the system which had jurists that didn’t make every stupid excuse in the book to get out of Jury Duty and they used their authority as designed by the Framers to stop the government and nullify the charges against seven defendants.

7xirk6aeBut… keep three other facts in mind.

(1) Eleven other defendants plead guilty to the same charges. One had the charges dropped. Seven other defendants chose to be tried separately from Bundy. So “All” is kind of a stretch.

(2) A second trial of the remaining defendants will begin in February. I guarantee you that voir dire will go much, much, much differently in that trial.

(3) The Bundy’s still face yet another trial in Nevada for the nonsense there. Again, I guarantee you that trial process will be much more selective and different. 

Which brings me to my point about the 6th Amendment. Every time a person says I don’t want to be on a jury and pulls some excuse out of their butt, it takes a potential nullifier out of the pool. If you really want to get an inside view of how Jury Selection and excuses can effect the outcome of a trial, read Marcia Clarke’s Book, “Without a Doubt.” Remember how flummoxed you were that the OJ Jury couldn’t see what was obvious to you and me? THAT is why voir dire is so important, and it is why Ammon Bundy and his insane theology are free today.

Think about that the next time you get a jury summons. Read the rest of this entry

C’Mon On, Get Happy!

The biggest problem with the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy isn’t just that it exists at all in the first place.

4779543Put aside for the moment the internet debate over whether he is a dirt bag or a Muslim or a Cop hater or a pussy whipped boyfriend of a radical BLM Activist. Put aside the arguments that he “has a right” to take a stand for what he believes and that men and women have died for his right to do so.

All of those arguments have their place I suppose, but like every other argument in today’s world, they won’t change anybody’s mind. Not one. Nobody looked at the opinion article you posted or your meme and said to themselves, “Hey, that’s right! I’ve taken the wrong position on this whole issue all along and I should change my mind!” Read the rest of this entry

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