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Burn It Down Baseball

Spring Training is upon us! Huzzah! The problem is that unless your team has been burnt to the ground already (Tigers, Reds, Phillies, Giants), or has more cash than common sense (Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox), this is unlikely to be a season to remember. Why?

Because the combination of a three factors have collided to make this year one of the potentially worst ever in Baseball, not just the Major Leagues. The players made fools of themselves in the last CBA. Combine that with the luxury tax issues and the reset at the end of this season, and lastly the timing of the Free agents for next season, it has made this off season frustrating to players and fans. And it’s put a pall over the regular season.

Now we head in to the 2018 Season with players feeling betrayed by Owners who gave the Players what they wanted in the CBA. Fans are left to wonder, how bad will my team be, and will it really be that bad or will they just be tanking? And since tanking seems to bring success, isn’t that a positive thing?

The State of California, along with New York and Illinois, has introduced legislation to ban tackle football for kids under High School age. Now… the bill hasn’t become law yet, but it raises questions. First, it is appropriate for the State to ban a sport? Second, is there a role for the State government in oversight of an athletic endeavor? Given the numbers and types of injuries, shouldn’t other sports be banned as well? 

At the Olympics, the main topic du jour seems to be sex, rather than actual competitions. Specifically gay sex, which will NOT be happening in Indonesia, but WILL be happening in Indiana…


The Venezuelan Mannequin Breast Size Crises

A few days ago we had the case of the San Diego Judge being reassigned to Traffic Court. Why? The local DA’s office was “papering” him because he refused to deny a defendants 4th Amendment right before a conviction. Now we have the local DA papering a local Judge for less apparent reasons. I have some real issues with the Government – in this case, the DA – messing with the Judicial system. Now there may be reason for it, but it certainly does not appear so on the surface of things, and combined with the other case I begin to wonder if what we are seeing is a way for the DA’s office to bypass the Judicial process to “Judge shop” when it comes to trials? The government is supposed to be limited and at a disadvantage so that its power is not abused. In the meantime we await a better explanation of why this is happening, with the presumption that if the Judge has done something wrong the Judicial Department will deal with it appropriately.

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