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In The Line of Duty

If you thought that all the drama and angst over the 2016 election with its divided country and confusing rhetoric was over, stand by. The real political nonsense is just getting started. Over the next four year we are going to see allegations and investigations that will make the Benghazi stuff look tame. And each and every time someone says “That ain’t right,” it will be met with the excuse that “You did it to Hillary and Obama.”

Can you imagine what the next 50 years is going to look like with this back and forth tit-for-tat nonsense? It’s like a Star Trek episode where the guy who is black on the left side keeps chasing the guy who is black on the right side through time and space. All the country really wants is to have government that isn’t sticking its nose into every corner of our lives and taking all of our money, but instead what we get is The Magnificent Bickersons and more and more consolidation of power and authority.

Yay us.

Among the issues that the Military is facing is the question of whether or not suicides are to be considered “in the line of duty” or not. This is one of those sure to divide people issues, mainly because of the varying religious beliefs about the act of suicide and the general social phobias we have about talking about it. Read the rest of this entry


Take the Time Today…

And so at last the long awaited day is nearly here. Last June the latest round in this process began, and now, the knee replacement surgery is three days and a wake up from happening.

Back in 2008, just days after the debut of Afternoons Live, an event happened that effected Dave deeply. A good friend passed away quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly. Then, just a few months later, he learned that one of his High School friends with whom he had not spoken in many, many years had died some time before.

From those events came elements of the show which have remained to this day. First, a small salute to the high school friend; then a reminder to each and everyone of us, that time is limited and we simply do not know what the next moments hold. Never was this more clearly driven home again than in the passing of Dave’s Uncle last month. Family members including Dave, were left to consider their final conversations with the man. Some of those conversations were left in a bad place. Now, they cannot be changed.

Somehow that becomes even more relevant when one is filling out an advanced directive prior to surgery, as Dave did yesterday.

For the next 8-10 weeks Dave is going to take time away from the podcast. The original thought was that he would still be able to do it, but the truth is that requires a great deal of sitting. That is the one thing he will not be able to do a lot of during the recovery. So while there will no regular podcasts until June, there will be occasional short ones and plenty of updates, commentary and sharing about events, news and what’s happening on the Facebook Page. If you’re not already a fan, head on over and become one. Updates will also happen on Twitter and here on the website, but most of them will be on Facebook, just because it’s the easiest way to do things. The Text Machine will still be on for texts and Voice Mails (565-DAVE) and of course you can always eMail me at

So for the next couple of months, hang tight, Dave will be back full steam in just a few weeks. In the meanwhile enjoy the moments and the updates. Most of all, tell the people that you care about that you love them and that you would miss them if they were gone. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow and you don’t want to have any regrets.

Oh and please, make sure that you’re an organ donor. If you need to talk to someone about your advanced directive and wills, you can and you should contact Pat Edaburn (Pat the Lawyer) HERE.

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Welcome to the New Year…

Happy 2014, ya’ll!

The calendar year may have turned, but the issues haven’t. Yesterday, “millions” of Americans gained health insurance. Despite Justice Sotomayor placing a hold (temporary) on the Contraceptive mandate, the law goes into “full” effect as of the 1st of the new year. I say “full” but as we know, that is only for the bennies, not the costs. Now that the law is in effect, the GOP has lost all opportunity to stop it. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the GOP will repeal this law. Don’t believe me? Fine. Write it down that I told you so…

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