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It’s Not That We Don’t Know our History…


I am taking the day off to spend time with family. It’s an unusual confluence when Ben, Cami and I all have the same day off AND we can afford to do something. Advantage of the moment must be taken.

But, over the weekend, this Tweet from an NBC reporter came to my attention.

Now, when I say to you that history is being intentionally ignored because it doesn’t fit the agenda, perhaps you will understand what I mean.

And the audio above is a reminder here is the discussion we had two years ago about the ratification debates in South Carolina. Where the biggest divide wasn’t race or socioeconomics. It was rural versus metro.

And it ALWAYS has been…


CT – The Federal Farmer


The one thing that you can say about the federalists is that they were optimistic. They truly hoped that; truly believed that Americans would see it for what it was and grasp their liberties firmly and protect them for generations yet to come.

The Anti-Federalists weren’t quite so rosy in their outlook. While some were firebrands and dedicated to the idea of State Sovereignty and Confederation, more of them were pragmatic and understood that things had to be changed. But was the proposed Constitution the best way to make that change?

Perhaps the most lucid and well spoken of the Anti-federalist was an anonymous writer who went by the pen name “The Federal Farmer.” His writings, which began this week in 1787, were a measured consideration of the proposed government. In fact, of the three possible forms of government that he saw for the nation, the proposed Constitution probably made the most sense.

But that didn’t mean that there weren’t some potential problems that, whoever he was, could foresee…

The Revere Revision

Information on the run-up to the Syrian strikes is beginning to come out. It turns out that SecDef Mattis wanted to get Congressional approval before the strikes were launched. This does not surprise me, because Military people tend to believe that Congress is in charge of things.  President Trump, advised by Vietnam dodger Bolton, did not want or did not believe that they needed to wait for Congressional approval. Guess which side won out? Read the rest of this entry

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