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The 2nd Elephant


In the aftermath of Vegas, et al, the call once again becomes “We must do something.”  The problem is, what is something to one person may be nothing to another, and everything to yet another. It all comes down to an understanding of what “reasonable” is. Because what is reasonable to you, may not be to me, and vice versa.

In short, other nations have gone so far as to confiscate guns from citizens. But here in the United States, that would be… problematic at best. So. for the moment, let’s play the “What If?” game. If there were a law which banned all guns, how would those who pass such a law go about enforcing it?

Reference to Constitution Thursday The Saturday Podcast Episode “I Don’t Like Monday’s”


In Wisconsin, the State Legislature stands accused of deciding to gerrymander the whole State to favor one Political Party. Now look, this is nothing new. But it is new to have the Supreme Court take up the case and look at whether or not Gerrymandering is in the “best interests of democracy.”

Putting aside the whole “we’re not a democracy” argument for the moment, there actually is a solution to the problem that would make it more challenging (not impossible) to gerrymander, but there is no way on this green planet that the Donkeys and Elephants will ever allow it to happen…


A voicemail reminds me of why I love doing these podcasts and shows so very much.


Unintended Disconnect

So… unintended consequences, I suppose. That’s what politicians say, right?

The move is going forward. Cami packed up much of the storage in the garage yesterday, while I worked on some technical stuff. One of the things I had done was schedule utilities for disconnect as their cycles came up. First up, our home phone on the 8th. We never use it anyway. In fact, it (the phone) actually has never worked despite my complaints to the Verizon Frontier people over the years. In fact, the reason that I was never able to have live phones was simply because Verizon Frontier couldn’t get their stuff together and get it working. For four years they kept saying it was “my fault,” meaning it was something internal to the house. When they finally sent a repair man two years ago, he discovered that it was a ground in their junction box almost a mile away.

Needless to say, he did not fix the ground, he simply bypassed it. To another partially ground out line. I gave up.

So now the phone line is gone and I got to tell Verizon Frontier that their service sucks and I am happy to be rid of them.

What I forgot, apparently, is that my internet is connected to that service. So now I am sitting at a local restaurant with free wifi to upload this.

Moving is such a pain in the rear end!

It’s hard to believe that it was four years ago today that John and sat down on a Thursday afternoon to have a chat with you fine people. I had been up most of the night with Ben’s skin issues. We had gone to yet another Doctor in the morning and I was feeling very tired and frustrated. As usual though, John was there to more or less get me on track and we had a fascinating show that day. Ariel Castro’s brothers had turned out to actually not know what he had been doing. Disney had finally given up on trying to trademark The Day of the Dead, and in the 5pm hour we were discussing Article 1 Section 10, Federalism.

In the subsequent years, some have told me that this is hands down the best episode of Constitution Thursday. I am too close to it so I have a hard time choosing. I know which episodes are really good, which are average and which ones, well… needed more prep time. But this one is among the best ones.

I think that both John and I were stunned by its events. At one point John even says, “I don’t want to know how this story ends.”

The hanging of Captain Henry Gale helped to change the direction of the Convention going on in Philadelphia and consequently the nation. And it has lessons that we should never ever forget.

Original Airdate: Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dave on The Resistance Podcast: America – Peacekeeper or Bully?

It was a lot of fun Saturday night to spend the evening with Josh Carter and The Resistance Podcast, talking about my beliefs about deterrence and the role of the United States in world affairs.

Some fair warning, this is an adult podcast, and I am a sailor, so there is some language. Also Josh got me fired up about some issues with Congress and I launched. So if you get offended by language or criticism of my Congressman, you might want to avoid this bonus presentation.

So here is Josh Carter and I talking about whether o not the US is a bully or building an Empire or just doing what we should be doing….

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