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CT – Poletown


In the economic doldrums of the late 1970s, the State of Michigan hit on an idea to take over some land it liked and build a car plant which would create jobs and economic benefit. The people who owned the land weren’t all that thrilled about the idea, nevertheless, the state persisted. Eventually, the Michigan Supreme Court decided that the taking was a legitimate use of eminent domain for economic benefit. Thirty-seven years later, it didn’t turn out to be such a  great idea.

The State of Indiana argued yesterday that seizing a person’s car for doing 5mph over the speed limit was not an “excessive fine.” Seriously. That’s not a joke. They really argued that. The Supreme Court didn’t think that it was funny.

Indiana Argues that Seizing Cars for Speeding Is Fine


CT – Double Jeopardy

In recent days, we have watched the debate over the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice. While the debate rages around things such as abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, and so forth, the single fact remains that these things are rarely the meat and potatoes of what the Supreme Court does. Almost never are those things noticed until after the fact. indeed, very few (if any) questions of any nominee relate to them or to the understanding of how those things might end up affecting our day to day lives. Read the rest of this entry

Raisin packers seek record price for 2018 crop

John and I did an episode of Constitution Thursday once that dealt with these CA Raisin farmer having their product “taken” by the feds since the 1930’s. The Farmers won their case and it’s nice to see them benefiting from their victory!

With dwindling acreage and intense competition from other crops, Fresno County raisin farmers are negotiating what could be the highest price ever for their crop.

Source: Raisin packers seek record price for 2018 crop | RBA | The Modesto Bee

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