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The Dave & John Laser Containment Storage Facility

No new show today, as I have some family errands to run today.

But after yesterdays adventures with Dan the Photojournalists and his beloved Katie celebrating their anniversary, I also found this Top 5 segment from August 30, 2013, when the new Batman movie was even a discussion of the Rush Limbaugh Show.

This particular episode has a seminal place in the history of the Dave & John experience. Some day I might tell you the whole story, but this was the moment that began the end of the show.

So enjoy the Top 5 casting Choices for the new Batman Movie…



These Are Not My Pants

Classic Dave & John Fun With News from October 26, 2012 talk Air Koryo, #Bald4Beiber and pants…


The Scarier Implications of the Fermi Paradox

Dave and John take a look at the entire universe – yes… the entire thing… and all the scary ways that it is trying to kill them. The dangers include, but are not limited to – Artificial Intelligence, Hyper Aggressive Aliens, Gamma Ray Bursts, Asteroids, Red Giants, Black Holes and even a super volcano right here on Earth!

Is it even possible to make a Han Solo movie?

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