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The Volcano Doesn’t Care About Your Tariff

This past weekend, we decided – on a whim – to channel my Dad, load up in the car and head out to see what could be seen. One of Ben’s many scientific fascinations is volcanoes. He’s been watching shows and videos about them. We looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Mt. St. Helens! Jinx, you owe me a Coke!”

Cami and I are funny that way. So off we went to the Visitors center and then drove on Hwy-504 as far as we could (there was heavy snow about 3000′) and were suitably impressed by the force and the power of nature. Read the rest of this entry


Solutions In Search of Problems

There is much Conservative chatter today over the Broward County schools policy on discipline, which appears to be based in Political Correctness. The effect of the policy is that minority and LGBTQ students who were being arrested at a higher rate than non-minority/non-LGBTQ students stopped being arrested. But there is a bigger question: Did political correctness contribute to the death of seventeen people in Parkland?

The definition of “progressivism” is simple, and direct – use the power and authority of government to solve a perceived social ill. If that social ill is that too many minority students are being arrested in schools, what can be done about it? Well… lower the figures. Okay, technically they used an agreement to reduce the types of crimes being committed to be handled by internal discipline. So… 39… or 23… times later, a problem child starts shooting.

Once again, we’re left with solutions in search of problems. In the 1920’s, we tried prohibition to end a perceived problem and ended up with more problems. The question is, like Prohibition was needed to accomplish another goal, what is needed that the elimination of guns will help accomplish?

Many folks are posting the Gun Control in 1935 China this week. Please… stop it. The meme is historically inaccurate (i.e., “wrong”) and it makes you look dumb.

A Big Announcement of something that I have dreamed about for a long time. We start testing this coming weekend on the 24/7 Podcast 99 Internet Radio Station. If the testing goes well, we are looking at an official launch date of 01 April. Which isn’t a joke!

The #Calexit Mordancy

cw7oprhxgaaojdnThe irony of the whole #Calexit movement is that the people advocating for it seem to think that because they are “not represented” they should be able to go their own way. They never, ever, ever think about the reality of California and just why there has been a “State of Jefferson” movement for the last seventy-five years.

Think about this for a minute or two. The #Calexit people are upset because the proportional representation system did not reward them and they believe that they are now “unrepresented.” These are the same people who have pushed “one man one vote,” which eviscerated political representation from areas like the Central Valley and the northern counties. In other words, the same people who celebrate their own dominance of the political system and gleefully refer to their opponents as “irrelevant,” now can’t handle it when the shoe is on the other foot (as it is always apt to be). Instead of manning up and dealing with it, they cry “unfair,” and “we’re taking our ball and leaving.”

If we were to scenario rosily and presume an “independent” California, based on the political leanings and beliefs of those advocating for such an action, how likely do you think that it would be that small businesses, the very lifeblood of an economy, would survive in Independent California? Remember that from 2008-2014 there were an estimated 9000 “divestments” – that is businesses leaving¬† the State – most of which were small businesses because of the harsh business climate. Is that climate likely to improve or get worse under the proposed #Calexit scenario? Read the rest of this entry

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