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The Free Exercise Thereof

The State of California once tried to pass a law limiting what a person could say about certain social issues. That law ended up going nowhere, but now, the state Legislature is debating ACR-99, a concurrent resolution which supposedly encourages religious leaders to address LGBT issues “from love” instead of any given religious belief.

Now, when the religious try to enforce their beliefs on me through the use of legislation or orders, I object.

So what should be my response to a government which seeks to tell religious leaders what they should – or should not – say from their pulpits?




It’s no big surprise to anybody who has been around the show for more than a week that I despise people like AJ, and even to a lesser degree Hannity. The reason is simple – they are not about thinking, they are about shocking people and confusing them into believing nonsense.

Like AJ, the Hal Turner “Show” decided to spread a great big lie. The problem is that (a) he knew it was a lie and (b) he didn’t give a rats behind about the people who could be hurt by his lie. It’s the worst part of Talk Radio… the nutjobs who are more interested in spreading manure than any actual information to the sheeple who won’t think for themselves. Then ask them for money.

The sadder act is that there will be no accountability for his lie…

Independence Day

I love Independence Day. It is hands down, my favorite secular holiday.

With all the history and the deep meaning of a great number of things which resulted in this day two-hundred and forty-three years ago, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the simplicity of it. At the same time, to also understand that it was only an end of one phase and the beginning of another. The “Revolution,” John Adams once said, was actually over. Now began the fight for liberty and the ideals of that revolution. Which – by the by – we are still fighting for today.

Above all else, the American experience is about perseverance. It is about staying on the course to the ideal through all the attempts to sidetrack or derail the journey. It is another reminder that I have a responsibility to pass on my passion and beliefs to my son so that he can help to continue the journey towards a more perfect Union.

The bigger part of that journey began when it became necessary to declare the causes which impelled us to separate ourselves from Great Britain…

Special Thanks to Alex the News Guy for his reading of the Declaration of Independence…

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