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Up To And Touching



In June of 2017, I was stunned by how many people who had never been to sea on a Warship and never stood a deck watch felt the need to inform me that there was no way that the USS Fitzgerald collision was not a terrorist attack. You see, with all that equipment there was no way in hell that they didn’t see the CRX Crystal coming, and if they didn’t it was because the Russians had hacked them. “It was an attack, Dave!” they screeched.

There’s an old saying, Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.

The Navy, which tried to suppress the report on the collision, has at last been compelled to admit what every sailor already knew. There was no attack. There was a failure of leadership.

In the parlance of Boot Camp, nothing was up to and touching. 

Seven people died because of it…


Gabbing About Politics & Religion

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Maybe it’s just me, but this whole thing about religion really bugs me. My whole attitude towards other peoples imposition on my beliefs was born in my youth, when I still belonged to the Christian faith, and my denomination was decidedly in the minority both in physical presence and in general beliefs. In my younger and angrier days, I would have – and did – argued with anybody about the virtues of what I had been taught. There was little room for opposing beliefs, let alone similar beliefs. And looking back at it all these years later, I am both sad and happy.  Sad because potential friendships – of which I already had very few – were ruined. Happy because it taught me a lesson that I have carried with me for a long time.

That lesson is simple: there are no religious tests. Period.

Not in life, not in friendships, not in relationships and certainly not in government.

But like so many things, the very people who most loudly crow about being tolerant and believing in freedoms are the very people who most attack others over their beliefs.

It’s happened before. Al Smith was once a viable candidate for President of the United States. He supported the repeal of prohibition and was strong on individual liberty. He was also Roman Catholic. John F. Kennedy would end up winning the Presidency, but not before he had to take time out from the campaign and remind everybody that his religious beliefs did not extend to his governing ideals. Mitt Romney was whispered about. Judges have been attacked.

Now, with the campaign not even officially underway, the Candidates for 2020 are already sniping at each other over… religion.

The IRS Called…



I’m still not 100%. I’m barely 50%, but we’re gonna give it a go.

You know how it’s fun to call those IRS scammers back and mess with them? Don’t do that. It’s exactly what they want. Besides which, all of the non-essential IRS employees, something around 80% of them, aren’t working right now anyway, so why would they be calling you?

The reason they aren’t working is, of course, the partial shutdown. Now the thinking is that the President is going to declare a national emergency on the border, and thus fund his wall. There are some problems with that line of thought, not the least of which is even if he can do it, should he?

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