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You Were Working As a Waitress In a Cocktail Bar

Three of the 2020 Candidates for President of the United States have made their service in the Military as “focal” points for their campaigns. That said, they aren’t necessarily only playing that card, but they have all made their service known ála John Kerry, who served in Vietnam.

Now, Stars & Stripes has a front-page article pointing out that all three are not only dead in the water, campaign-wise, but only one of them even registered on the polls. Only one of them was even on the stage last night for the latest “debate.” Given their military service, people are asking, “What happened?”

In the history of our country, we have had plenty of Military people in our leadership posts, including the President. usually, or so it seems, Generals and Military people are held in high political esteem, right?

Well… it’s not quite true. Sure, we like Generals, but Captains and Majors? Surprisingly, we’ve had those as well, including one Private.

I think that the bigger question is why exactly do these three think that their service demands attention to their politics?

All three of these candidates remind me of one of the worst songs that everybody says that they love from the 1980s, even though we can only remember one line from it… 


Facing The Storm

Storms are a fact of life. That doesn’t make them any less scary or any less dangerous. Ben is terrified by thunder, and that threw a wrench into my monkey last night as I attempted to get ahead of the game. By the time we were all calmed down and back to Stable 1, it was too late to really do much.

The day ahead is busy and filled with things that should bring joy and excitement. But a pall of depression hangs over it all as yet another veteran, unable to face his storms any longer, chose to take his life. I didn’t know him, in fact, I never met him because I was specifically forbidden to do so. But I did conduct some business with him not that long ago. About $330k worth, if you get my drift. We had a lot in common. Navy, 1st Class Petty Officers, submarines, families, and an address. In the end, something had to have gone terribly wrong for this to have happened.

And what is scaring me is that it makes no sense. How is this happening and why? What is it that takes Veterans who seem happy and healthy and leaves them desperate enough to take their own lives?

Is it really just a storm?

I’m a Joker, I’m a Vaper…

The latest flick from the completely out of ideas Hollywood is yet another Batman film about the Joker. Meanwhile, Vapers are hearing the joke is on them as governments around the nation threaten to ban their products. Well… kind of. After all, they don’t want to lose too much tax revenue…

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