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The First to Present His Case

Producers Notes: Dave is quite passionate today and uses more than his usual share of the “Sailor Language” for which he is so well known. If “bad” words offend you, DO NOT LISTEN. You have been warned.  – Producer Henri

Producers Notes: Dave is quite passionate today and uses more than his usual share of the “Sailor Language” for which he is so well known. If “bad” words offend you, DO NOT LISTEN. You have been warned. Again.   – Producer Henri

In the Proverbs we read:

The first to present his case seems right
Till the other party examines him

Down in Florida, where more than statistically it should, “Duh-ness” seems to reign, a caller to a local Chat Show poured out some of the vilest and hate-filled anti-Semitic tropes and garbage that have ever flown across the airwaves. As they should have, quasi-local Jewish leaders objected. Letters have been written, an article published (which you can read HERE if you can slog your way through the ads and popup’s that the paper in question still hasn’t figured out nobody likes or even reads) and great hoopla made about demands that the Chat Show host MUST apologize or be fired.

The problem here should be obvious, but in the event that the “Duh” factor in Florida is too thick for common sense to penetrate, let’s take a walk through this whole thing, shall we?

The Original Broadcast of Bill Mick Live, August 13, 2019 Hour 3


War of the Worlds

I do not believe in little green men from Mars who come to Earth for the sole purpose of anally probing people in trailer parks. If that offends you, TFB.

The numbers are pretty clear, N=1. The existence of humans is so astronomically unlikely that it’s difficult to accept the idea of intelligent life being ubiquitous throughout the galaxy, let alone the universe. But, anybody who says that out loud is automatically assumed to be like a Flat Earther, crazy, because, Science!

In any case, the videos that were stolen from the Navy and release by the band, Blink-182, are most definitely not video proof of UFOs. The Navy says that yes, the videos are real, they were “appropriated” from us, and they do in fact, show F/A-18 pilots looking at something. But that something is NOT a UFO.

It is a UAP.

CT – Recess

It’s hard to believe that we are coming up on ten years of Constitution Thursday…

September 17th is, of course, Constitution Day, the day that the framers signed the proposed Constitution of the United States. It is also the birthday of one John Rutledge, a member of the Convention that proposed the new Constitution. He would go on to be one of the original Associate Justices of the Supreme Court but left to become the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Court. A few years later, after Jay resigned as Chief Justice to become the Governor of New York, President Washington used the Recess Appointment Claus of the new Constitution to appoint Justice Rutledge back to the Court, this time as the Chief Justice. As the Senate would not be back in session until December, the new Chief Justice took his oath and then did something that virtually no other Chief Justice has ever done – he gave a very public speech in which he suggested something that in today’s Social Media world would have gotten him instantly fired. After, of course, numerous apologetic tweets and the de rigueur screaming from chat Radio talking heads, like myself, who would alternately explain what he did or did not mean by what he said.

The Senate, which finally came back in December, was not impressed. And the first Recess Appointment to the Supreme Court discovered that the People of the United States will always have the final say, even over George Washington…

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