Thirty-Two Years Later

A really cool thing happened yesterday, my second day of training.

I was on a ride-along with one of the Delivery Drivers, learning how their days work, when we passed by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. “They just brought that big submarine in here the other day,” he said, pointing where you could see it through the fence.

Sure enough, it was USS Michigan, my beloved boat. I knew that she was in PSNS for an overhaul, but had not realized that the dry dock was visible from nearby. 

Company policy is no personal cell phones in the trucks, so I didn’t have mine with me at the time we drove by. In the evening I took Ben and Cami back down to Bremerton where we stood in the parking lot overlooking the dry dock. I haven’t seen her since 1987. There was a bit of wistful emotion as I gazed at my old home, so close, and so far away. Ben was amazed at how big she is. He was also very excited to have finally seen her.

We came back home and I opened up my closet with the plastic bag containing my ancient foul weather jacket from my days on the boat. I inhaled deeply and for just a moment, I was… home…




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