24 Days Of Xmas – Day 17 : Imaging KFI – Meet John Considine! « Benztown Branding

I don’t think that there is much doubt about how I feel about John. We made a great team and I enjoyed working with him immensely. It is my sincerest hope that someday we can team up again and continue what we had going.

For now, we have gone our separate ways, and John is working for KFI-AM in Los Angeles doing their imaging and production. So if you’re in the LA area you get to hear his work every day.

For the rest of us, here is a great interview he gave about what he does and some awesome samples of his work.




I am so happy Staxx introduced me to John a few weeks back. John has been with iHeart since 2003, mostly spent working out of a small market in Northern California, and got connected to some good people who eventually led him to LA and KFI.  I totally understand those good people, as I was just…

Source: 24 Days Of Xmas – Day 17 : Imaging KFI – Why writing is important and what does John Frost have to do with it? Meet John Considine! « Benztown Branding – Radio Imaging


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