Music Two-For-One: Pink Floyd and the Supreme Beings of Leisure

For me, It’s “Keep Talking”

There’s a silence surrounding me
I can’t seem to think straight
I’ll sit in the corner
No one can bother me


Rather than have two points of divergence from what I normally post on this blog, I rolled up my thoughts on two different bands into one. Enjoy…

“What is your favorite Pink Floyd song? And why?”

I suck at rules on Quora; I cannot give just one example, therefore I shall limit my submissions to only two.


This track was pleasant on the ears when I heard it, despite the fact that it took a while to warm up to “The Division Bell” in its entirety. However, the video moved it up several notches in my regard.

I cannot easily put my finger on why this video resonates so strongly with me. The footage from the ISS is beautiful and – in my opinion – a reflection of Mankind’s fascination with the dynamic between technology and nature. Countless hours and resources have resulted in the ability for a select…

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