What’s in a Name?



Once upon a time, people started calling each other names.

Seriously, they did. At first, they were clever plays on a person’s original name to be more representative of their character. Take Izabel in the Old Testament. You probably know her a Jezebel, but that is a play on her name, calling her a name if you will, that reflected the character the writers of the Books of Kings wanted to project upon her.

But from long ago it seems like names have both deep meaning, expressing the hopes and dreams of the family, and an opportunity to make fun of them.

And where are we now? Now we get parents who seem to not understand that the names they give their children actually do matter. They set the kid up – no, that’s not it – they set themselves up to be mocked.

Twitter gets people fired. Or criticized for not being contrite enough. Or not being woke enough before it was time to be woke.

Rent-a-Crowds are a thing. Seriously, you can rent a crowd to show up for basically anything.  But why…?


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