There is much talk of yet another Government shutdown, and if you listen to the usual Talking Heads they’ll tell you about the “Wall,” the Mueller investigation and such other things that this fight is “all about.” The problem is that it’s not just “The Wall.” It’s over 25% of the entire $1.24 TRILLION Budget, the so-called “Discretionary Budget.” And as you can imagine, it’s a morass of political favors and politicians paying back their benefactors.

Many people are seeing the announcement of the GM Plant closings as an indicator of an impending recession. Frankly, there are a number of people who are hoping that is what it means. But what if the real reason the plants are shutting down has little to do with the short term economic policies of the country and more to do with the long-term trends in automobile mercantilism?

Oh, and what do these plant closings and Constitution Thursday have to do with each other? You’ll have to tune in to Constitution Thursday this week to find out!

Among my favorite movies is the 1997 SciFi drama, Gattaca. NASA staff voted it “the most scientifically accurate” film ever. It dealt with the idea that there would be a time when genetic engineering would be so common that people could literally choose what characteristics their children would engineered and born with. And, as usual, what was once Science Fiction has become reality. This past week a Chinese scientist announced that he had used a process known as CRISPR Cas9, to engineer the genetics of two baby girls to be HIV resistant. The children were born this past week. Now ethical questions are swirling. What are the implications of a totalitarian government having a scientist genetically engineer children, is just a start…


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