Acute Flaccid Myelitis


You may have noticed that the last couple of days we have not had our News with Alex Ross.

Alex is traveling to be with his father, ISCS Rob Ross who is retiring from the US Navy today. Senior Chief Ross joined the Navy when he was 22 and has been in it “longer than he was out of it.” It’s been fun to watch as Alex and his Dad’s paths have crossed while both are in the Navy.

To me, CPO’s (Chief Petty Officers) are sort of like a surrogate father. Long after I’d left home, there were Chiefs who were there to pat me on the back and to kick my ass when needed. When a Chief retires, the Navy can look at what he (or she) has done and literally count the sailors who have become successful and skilled because of what that CPO did. I can tell you the names of my Chiefs and assure you that even today – almost thirty years after I left the Navy – still influence everything I do. I still hear Chief Heisey telling me, “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it over?”

I said that to Ben last night.

So, to Senior Chief Ross I would like to add my own Bravo Zulu and best wishes for a happy and productive retirement! Thanks for your service and for all the men and women that you helped to become US Navy Sailors!

AMF is a scary illness that seems to be breaking out all over the PACNORWEST. Now look a few cases might not seem like much, but a disease with no known cause and no known cure that leaves a child with a limb or limbs that are disabled causes people to take notice. While there is no known cause, there is evidence that points to one factor, and that is a recent respiratory illness. Thank about that for just a moment.

Political Advertising usually hits a new All-time low around this point of a given campaign, and this year has been no exception. It’s annoying. What if we forced political campaigns to run their ads not in thirty-second sound bytes, but in a Federalist Papers style?

Here in The PACNORWEST, several of the Ballot Initiatives are causing controversy.


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