West of Kanye

Happy International Podcast Day!

I have some things that I passionately believe.

I want Podcast99.org to become a functional Internet Radio Station. I want anybody who has a voice to be able to have a place where they can share what they have to say without any of the typical barriers that get thrown up to stop people. The truth is that 99.9999% of people will never get a radio show, and if you do, you will pay through the teeth for it. Or, like my fellow host Tim Preuss, you will be asked to give up some things that matter to you to get it. I want people to be able to talk about what matters to them with passion and without fear. Most of all, I don’t want for money to ever be a reason that a person doesn’t think that what they have to say is important.

As a part of the marketing class I’ve been in, I have discovered a whole bunch of places that will do everything you need to do (except talk) for you, for a lot – a LOT – of money. To set up your show, produce it, upload it and basically, like I said, do everything but talk for you, and probably that if you pay them enough.

That’s just sad. And it’s just scare tactics.

Kayne West is in a bit of a boil this morning, as he appears to call for the repeal of the 13th Amendment. Now… he did not mean what he is being accused of meaning, but… in today’s “respond with fire and fury without ever thinking” world, he is now feeling the results.

A local(ish) Soldier is receiving the Medal of Honor for his action in Afghanistan.


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