I Have Questions

The 55th Birthday was quite the adventure, so was the day after! Between work and Ben, it derailed everything pretty quickly, although I am now able to sit down and record.

There are going to be some changes in the way I do things soon. Facebook does what it does, and I recognize it’s good points. For all that, there are things that I don’t like about it. So, rather than gripe and point fingers, I’m just going to change how I do things. If you want to be a part, great! If not, You don’t have to be!

See how that works?

So with the Kavanaugh thing, it really leads to one major concern for me – why is it that we can no longer have questions? Somehow we have reached a point where instead of answering the questions, we call the questioner names and demand acquiescence. What is odd to me is that once upon a time, G-d Himself was asked some questions. He chose a different way of dealing with them, maybe we could learn something from Him?


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