Wait a second… I thought it was the Russians who were interfering in our political system? Turns out it’s Bilbo Baggins???

Wait a second… the Two Main Parties are “irritated” with the money they BOTH get from “rogue billionaire” donors. As if there are just a bunch of “rogue” billionaires running about throwing money at people? It’s a problem, you see, because these billionaires expect something in return for the money.

Seventeen years ago, this day dawned as a Tuesday. The night before my beloved Broncos had beaten the defending NFC Champion NY Giants. In the game, Easy Ed McCafferty had broken his leg. I got up Tuesday morning and tuned into ESPN to hear if there was an update. Before the sound came up, my phone was ringing, my best friend on the other end. Seventeen years later, what do conclude? The nation certainly changed that day, but has it been for the better?

Or are there things that still smolder? 

Notes: There is no show tomorrow, as I have another place I need to be for our business. I will be back on Thursday for Constitution Thursday. This week we will look at the 25th amendment in a show titled, “The Caine Mutiny.”


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