The Lodestar Contrivance

The idea that the New York Times would be dumb enough to publish the so-called “Op-Ed” letter is just another in a long string of “Let’s do exactly what the people who support Trump believe we would do” actions.

But follow me here for just a run-on sentence. I am supposed to believe that a “long-time, senior” government employee in the Executive branch in the 21st century where there is absolutely no such thing as operational security is dumb enough to write a letter to the freaking New York Times and claim that he or she is heroically disrupting the legitimate functions of his/her department despite the fact that he/she personally was not elected to do anything and is paid by the American people to follow his/her instructions and carry out the policies of the elected and appointed officials who actually are in charge and that he/she has no clue – as a senior government official – that his/her secret which the New York Times says will cost him his/her cushy overpaid government job will actually stay a secret past 1700 Washington Eastern Daylight Time, or that since they are so dedicated to resisting Trump that even if they got fired for their courageous self-aggrandizing memoir they wouldn’t be immediately hailed as a hero and showered with job offers or book advances? Come on…

Out of what particular tree do you think that I just fell?

Now I am supposed to believe that the use of a single word, “lodestar” proves beyond a doubt that the culprit in question who is allegedly a “senior government employee” is none other than the Vice President, former Senator, Mike Pence.

So really… even I, the guy who doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories, have to look at the New York Times and just shake my head in disbelief that they would be dumb enough to fall into this trap. Yeah… I said trap… Until we can prove otherwise, it’s every bit as likely that Trump himself wrote this “OP-Ed” knowing that his VP says “lodestar” a lot and the Times would rush to publish it and end up looking exactly the way that Trump people believe they already are anyway. Either that or whoever this person is, they’ve hit upon the greatest “Get Rich Quick” scheme in history or they are the absolute dumbest person in the history of government employees and should be fired simply for that.

Am I crazy? Okay, New York Times, prove me wrong. Publish the name…

I’m waiting…

The whole Colin Kaepernick thing is just an advertising blitz. And, if you are offended and angry, don’t sweat it. Why not? Because you are not the people Nike wants to buy their shoes anyway. Seriously, why is nobody bringing up the crass (and divisive) racial targeting that Nike is using to convince poor minorities to spend their hard-earned dollars on overpriced, slave labor produced shoes?

And the Amazon Tax isn’t dead. It just grew bigger! Bernie Sanders has introduced the Bezos Tax Act. I’m serious. I couldn’t possibly make this up.


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