In and Out and In and Out

I have had several people contact me offline regarding last Tuesday’s show. Thank you for your comments and for sharing your stories. It has been comforting to know how many others have gone through similar circumstances and it’s humbling to think that I may be the person putting a voice to our experiences. I believe that it is critically important for we as a people to not hide these things. Evil lurks in the dark, it’s time to shine some disinfecting sunlight on these circumstances.

California Democrats have called for a boycott of In-And-Out Burger. Boycotts are stupid, and you’d think that they would know that. Not only do these kinds of boycotts almost never work, all they really do is draw attention, and there is no such thing as bad publicity in business – especially the Burger business. Besides… T-Rex laughs at boycotts.

Google claims that it doesn’t censor searches. That is, of course, nonsense. It not only does censor searches, but it also rewards the sites that PAY Google for higher placement. Meanwhile, there is something of a revolt going on among Tech employees who see what is happening in the industry and are concerned about it.

The Great Brownsville Marina Sea Mine Mystery has been solved. Sort of. Turned out the inert mines were placed there by the Navy. In 2005. For a specific reason. And it wasn’t to defend the area against the enemy…



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