500 Functions of the Human Liver

“Dave,” the eMail begins, “I need to know something. Why haven’t you spoken about the scandal with the priests in the Catholic Church? Don’t you think that this is a very important story?”

At the end of the day, we all (I presume) despise evil. We all oppose evil. And while you may not like it, it is absolutely pointless and USELESS to “condemn” the evil. All that does is make you feel better without actually having to do something about it.

So unless you personally are going to pick up the mantle and actually DO SOMETHING about it, there’s not much point to your virtue signaling about how much you don’t like the evil.

And let me assure you that it will cost you. If it doesn’t, it’s not virtue, it’s just pathetic signaling

This might be the toughest show I’ve ever done.

I have said it to you before, I have never been the victim of sexual abuse. But I know far, far too many – and the list seemingly grows each day – people who have been. My first marriage was effectively destroyed by childhood abuse of my former wife. She could never recover and accept that I was not “just like every other man in her life.” she could say it, and intellectually she knew it, but emotionally she could never accept it.

And for a lot of reasons that branched out from there, we were doomed from the get go.

That is my message today – the collateral damage of the sexual and physical abuse of children is far reaching and it effects you. Yes… I said you. It touches everyone, whether they know it or not. It shakes faith to it’s core, it shatters families and crushes relationships. As often as not, at least one person has no idea why. And the destruction it causes steals lives and erases relationships.

The JAX Madden Shooter was everything that we fear – a mentally unstable virtue signaling activist who everybody seemed to ignore. Mostly what the shooting does is ignite a further debate about security.

The Human Liver is an amazing organ. Did you know that there are over 500 functions that it performs? We never think about it… until we have to…


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