A Trip through 3 Billion Years* of History

#Vacation2018 has ended. Needless to say, it was marvelous and while it’s great to be home, it shouldn’t need to be said that I already miss being in Wyoming. In fact, I miss it so much that I have made a decision. A decision is about to be unveiled about my future:

I said a few weeks ago that the “new normal” is the same as the old normal. It’s 1917, or 1952 or 1984 all over again. If you do not toe the accepted positional lines, you will be labeled a Russian Stooge. For example, I’ve said this before, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I completely disagree with the anti-vaxxers as I believe that the science is pretty clear: vaccines save lives.

Having said that yet again, I am also not the person who thinks that anti-vaxxers should be locked up or otherwise silenced. There are those who do feel that way, and they are becoming more and more vocal about it. The problem now is that – with all the hysteria about the Russian Great Patriotic Internet War, the theory has been put forward now is that if you are an anti-vaxxer, it’s not because for some reason that makes no sense to me personally you have decided that vaccines are not safe or that they are some sort of giant-pharma conspiracy, it’s simply because you are a Russian Stooge.

I told you this would happen…

Congressman Duncan Hunter has been indicted for numerous campaign expenditure violations. The debate over “innocent until proven guilty” has already begun, but there is a bigger issue at play here, which neither the Congressman, nor those who are defending him, seem to understand or at the least, care about… 

The nation and the world are remembering Senator John S. McCain III who passed away on Saturday. We will leave it to others to proclaim his greatness, because for all that he was, the one thing that McCain was not, was a “statesman.” And for those on the left singing his praises today, you need to to re-evaluate your own actions. Lastly, McCain did not start the USS Forrestal fire. Period. It’s okay to not like him, I certainly don’t. It’s okay to have disagreed with him, I certainly did. It is not okay to lie about him.

*Or 6,000 if that makes you feel better


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