The $92 Million Cancellation

I know that I said that I was going to unplug, but I still have Twitter, so it’s not entirely possible.

I note this morning that the $92 Million Parade has now been cancelled. If you are surprised by this, you don’t understand how government actually works.

Look, I‘ve had my say about the Parade. I stand by what I said and I still believe it. There was no reason or benefit to it, and all it was really going to do was screw over the Troops who had to participate. So not including myself, there were any number of people who thought the idea of the Parade was an obtuse idea. But that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

With no apologies to John, in no way, shape or form am I surprised that the Parade has been canceled. Why Not?

Because it cost $92 Million.

That number was intentional and presented with a serious face, even if every synapse in the combined brain power of 320 Million Americans knows that it was an absurd amount. There is simply no way that a simple Parade should or even could cost that amount. But trust me, there was a written presentation – probably in a PowerPoint – that outlined those “costs” in general detail that added up in an unarguable way to $92 Million.

As dumb as this sounds if you’ve ever watched “Yes, Minister,” (Season 3, Ep 5) you already know what happened. The people who don’t want the Parade – for whatever reasons – wrote the budget.

It’s really that simple. They produced a high-cost proposal that nobody, even the President, could argue with (publically) or accept. So the whole idea gets dropped. I’ll tell you something else that nobody realizes yet… Trump knows exactly how this system works and it wouldn’t surprise me at all that he played it this way in order to troll the Left and the Bureaucrats.

In other words, there never was going to be a Parade, it was all a smokescreen to distract and allow him to criticize them for making it so expensive.

And… it worked:


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