A Government Of 8 Year Olds

It was a great getaway for us. We saw pretty much the entire Puget Sound, had a ghostly experience and had some really good food. But I’m back at it for the Friday show!

On the way up north, I got a call from my Doctors office, and it appears that I was being overly optimistic and sarcastic when I referred to my last medical procedure as “unnecessary.” Now look, there is nothing critically wrong with me right now. Well… there is *one* thing, but that’s another story only tangentially related to this condition. Nothing that is going to snatch my breath away in the next days, weeks or months. But it is something of a wake-up call. I have had a very long battle with the Bulge and an endearing love/hate relationship with physical conditioning. for most of the last twenty-five years, I have used the knee as an excuse. Even when I did manage to lose 100+ pounds I literally shredded the knee doing it. Then I yo-yoed right back because I did it for all the wrong reasons and the wrong way.

Now, however, the cards are all on the table and I have to decide whether to call or fold. Nine years with Cami has been amazing. And I want as many more as I can possibly get. So… it’s time to ElliptiGo!

Along the way, we spent some time exploring an old fort that helped to guard the entry into the Puget Sound. The immense guns were obsolete by the beginning of WWI, but did they actually serve their purpose? And what does that tell us about military tech and the concept of deterrence?

Two stories, one from Seattle and the other from Sacramento have me asking the question about what do we as a society really believe? And why has government basically become a bunch of eight-year-olds?


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